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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions and tips for a name! I thought I should say that I've decided to stick with "Landon" as his first name (he simply wouldn't give it up). But, I did manage to change his middle name. He is now known as Landon Pierce Elmore.

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    Congrats on finding a name that fits!
    As for naming rules, I have some pretty firm ones (as I was sans rules a few years ago.)
    1. The name MUST fit the time period. I don't care if that means I hate it and the name is unoriginal. If I'm writing about a teenager born to a middle class family in 1994, then her name can't be something like Agatha, when it would more likely be Britney.
    2. The surname MUST fit the family's ethnic background. Too often people are given surnames without a second thought (though not in your case.) If my character is a Viennese Jew, than her surname isn't going to be Roberts or Baxter.
    3. The names can't be to similar within families. I was writing about my leading male character, and his name is Benedict. He has four siblings, Rupert, Leopold, Beatrix and Sylvia. Originally, Beatrix was going to be Leonie, but in the end it was way too close to Leopold. Outside of the family, I just see if a name fits. I'm writing a realistic world, and in real life you often meet people with similar names (or even the same name.)
    4. The name HAS to make sense to the family. I have a family that gives each child two middle names. So every single child, no matter how painstaking, has two middle names.
    As for names that are off limits, I try to avoid the names of people I know (first and last.) Sometimes I'll slip in a name or two of a family member (only if it fits, mind you) but that's it.

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    When I name characters, I try to make all their names sound different enough from each other so they don't get too confused. I remember once writing a short story where three characters all had "J" names and getting called out for having that be confusing. In general, I try to avoid having more than one important character whose name starts with the same first initial, but that gets hard if there are a lot of important characters. I don't tend to like having too many names that end with the same sound, either.

    In one story (a dystopian fantasy taking place in a world with technology levels similar to our own), I have two fairly important characters named Kelsey (girl) and Kai (guy). I am not actually happy that they both have "K" names, but the names seem to have "stuck" to the characters. I don't like having lots of characters whose names end with the same sound, but that seems to happen to me anyway -- I guess the characters do sort of name themselves, or at least get attached to their names despite my discovering potential problems with their names.

    If a story is set in the "real world," I will often use the SSA name popularity lists to make sure a name is reasonably plausible for when the character was born. I had a teenaged character named Jayden in a "real world" story, and I checked the list to see that the name was at least on it for the year he was born (even if it wouldn't have been mega-popular yet). Speaking of Jayden, I'll sometimes use names I dislike for characters the audience is supposed to dislike, though that's more a personal quirk than anything because any readers might not share my tastes in names! (I VERY much dislike the name Jayden.)

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    I liked the Landon Axel Elmore thing. You should stick to your instinct. Choosing a name is like choosing an answer on a multiple choice question for a test, always trust your instinct.
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    My rule number one: avoid long names if the character doesn't come from a royal family (three syllables or above)
    number two:definitely avoid multiple middlenames
    I keep these rules most of the time to keep myself from getting sick of my character since I don't have much patience for long names, I don't want to scare off any potential readers either. The general rule is to visualize how the character look like, and what kind of person he or she is. I once named an elven princess as Elspethiel and I definitely love it. As long as it suits him or her.

    As for your character, I don't think Landon is really suitable. It might be just me, but the name reminded me of middle-aged investment bankers, or doctors... someone older and with power. I don't think Landon sound like someone who would defy the system...Axel sounds younger and cooler so I would rather recommand Axel for the first name. I googled a bit and I found these..

    Atlas(great strength)
    Aidan(little fire)
    Colan (people's victory)
    Cyrus (Cyrus the Great (fifth century BC) conquered Babylon at the height of its powers and founded the Persian Empire)
    Lex (defending man)
    Liam(resolute protecter)
    Lukas(bringer of light)
    Rayner (wise warrior)
    Ryker (strong, powerful)
    Tristan (tumult)
    Xerxes (chief)

    I hope this can help you...Have fun writing your story!

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