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    I'm gonna just go with the first name that comes to mind when I see the picture, so it might be completely crazy
    1. Doris
    2. Poppy
    3. Scarlett -- lol, that's pretty obvious
    4. Serena
    5. Lucy -- lol, also kinda obvious
    6. Joy
    7. Barnabas
    8. Sonia
    9. Magda
    10. Trixie
    11. Sherry
    12. Fiona
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    1. Aspen Gray - The sky was grey so I though I would incorporate that into it.
    2. Amber Michelle - There was a shell shape in the moon that's why I picked Michelle.
    3. Ruby Autumn - The ground is red so the though Ruby would work well.
    4. North Lane - I know it sounds a bit like a road name or something but that the first thing that popped into my head.
    5. Aurora Frost - Aurora to go with the light and Frost for the snow.
    6. Rose Eliana - I saw some flowers and I thought of a Rose.
    7. Ivy June - I spotted a plant and it looked like an Ivy so I when with it.
    8. Belle Buttercup - I know this is a little weird but that's what my brain came up with.
    9. August Fir - I think the tree might be some sort of Fir of Pine and it looked quite like Autumn because August?
    10. Rowan Stone - I like the Stone in this picture and I have seen Stone used a couple of times as a name so that's why I chose this.
    11. Sandy Sloane - I went with Sandy because it was on a beech and I saw a lone tree and so I though of Sloane.
    12. Sullivan Blue - I saw a seagull and though I would go with Gully but then I though of Sully which is a nickname for Sullivan.

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