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    Nature Imagery Game!

    I admit. I was bitten by the BNG bug! I've been resisting doing this for several weeks now, but I've had a few glasses of wine tonight and don't remember why I was resisting in the first place. So here goes!

    You probably all know by now that I'm an imagery nut Usually this takes the form of hearing a name and discussing what pictures come to mind, but I thought it would be so fun and interesting to post pictures and see what names come to mind!

    I realize this is a lot of images. I'm going to say it's because I wanted you to have options, but really I just got carried away I'm sticking mostly to nature scenes, and none of the images have any people, just to keep things interesting. Don't feel like you have to do nature or word names though. Anything that comes to mind is fine!

    I'm not going to get all rule crazy either. If you want to do all 12 pictures with three names for each gender, firsts and double middles, go right ahead. If you only want to do four pictures, with one name regardless of gender, that's fine too! Just have fun with it ^_^












    Zion Nathaniel ~ Solomon Fable ~ Balthazar Wolf ~ Malachi Sparrow nn Kai ~ Tobias Rowan ~ Caspian _____
    Alice Willow ~ Ophelia Wren ~ Juliet Snow ~ Lucia Pearl ~ Eve Wisteria nn Evie ~ Cosima Rose ~ River Seraphine ~ Elowen Briar

    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
    Orion Melchior North, Tobias Loki, Edmund, Frost, Oberon, Kenshin, Remiel, Atreyu

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    I quickly had a look at some of them and I found that it was mostly girls name that sprang to mind so I'm just gonna stick with girls... 1) Amber Raine. 2) Luna. 3) Poppy Ann. 4) Beatrice Winter. 5) Annie. 6) Guinevere Olive. 7) Samantha "Sam". 8) Lux. 9) Abel Grace. 10) Jessica. 11) Lily. 12) Skye. Some of these were very very spontaneous!
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    1. Tempest Jane
    2. Jupiter North
    3. Autumn Ruby
    4. Ophelia Ivy
    5. Narnia Frost (perhaps this was influenced by your signature, as well as North and Ophelia)
    6. Nymphadora Belle
    7. Cyan Abraxas
    8. Lucia Persimmon
    9. Armand Hawk
    10. Thornton Jude
    11. Eden George
    12. Musidora Lily

    For some of these, I don't understand why that specific name came to mind :P

    This was fun!
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    1] ♂ Harry Emerson
    2] ♂ Milo Evander
    3] ♂ Terrance Cole
    4] ♀ Rowena Sayde
    5] ♂ Harley Jefferson
    6] ♀ Gloria Mary Anne
    7] ♂ Lou Frederick
    8] ♀ Hera Adeline
    9] ♂ Sylvester Mack
    10] ♂ Parson Alec
    11] ♂ Barlow Colm
    12] ♂ Wolfgang Tolliver

    These were the first names the popped into my head upon viewing the images. Gorgeous pictures BTW! This was a very cool and different name game; I really enjoyed it! Glad you finally decided to post.

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