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    1. Daniel.
    2. Octavia.
    3. Kale.
    4. Dallas.
    5. Leilani.
    6. Viola.
    7. Quentin.
    8. Hunter.
    9. Violet.
    10. Cristina.

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    1. William or Juliet (in honor of William Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet")
    2. Seven or Oona (Seven is the month of my anniversary, and Oona means "one," for the number one lady in my life)
    3. Cale or Pepper (just love these two names; Pepper would go by "Pippa," of course)
    4. Camden or Adelaide (both names that are less recognizable as cities than London or Paris)
    5. Kaleo or Kalani (I love the "K" names)
    6. Cadence or Lyra (Cadence I like more on a boy, and Lyra's just so cool and historical)
    7. Quinn or Queenie (Quinn's cute, Queenie's kind of sweet and sassy)
    8. Thatcher or Harper (both occupational names that are a little less associated with the actual occupations)
    9. Cobalt or Scarlett (I love both of these colors, as well as the names)
    10. Emmett or Chloe (Emmett from "Switched at Birth," Chloe from "Dance Moms")
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    Wesley / Malachi / Ezra / Rowan / Sawyer / Henry

    Emmeline / Aurora / Hallie / Lucy / Rory

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    1. A famous author
    2. A name that means a number (ex: Octavia means “eighth”)
    3. A vegetable
    4. A city
    Rohan (from Lord of the Rings)
    5. A Hawaiian name
    6. A musical term
    7. A name containing the letter “Q”
    8. An occupational name
    9. A color
    10. A television show character
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    1. A famous author: Louisa (May Alcott)
    2. A name that means a number (ex: Octavia means “eighth”) Una
    3. A vegetable: Kale
    4. A city: Brighton
    5. A Hawaiian name: Kaʻiulani
    6. A musical term: Melody
    7. A name containing the letter “Q”: Quentin
    8. An occupational name: Smith
    9. A color: Crimson
    10. A television show character: Sherlock
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