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    As an Ohio State alumna, I second the suggestion of Brutus. Ha!

    On a more serious note, though: I really like Vaughn (I prefer the Vaughan spelling, but that's just a matter of taste) and I echo the previous posters in saying I don't think you should 86 it for the meaning. However, my favorites on your list are Eamon and Ivan, both of which are very strong, like Vaughn, and would be quite distinctive on an American boy. So, I definitely urge you to reconsider Ivan! If you're a baseball fan, there's a great namesake in Iván Rodriguez, which is pretty cool.

    A couple of other ideas that you may or may not like: Desmond (I think Desmond Thomas sounds very handsome, and Dez is a total rock star kind of nickname), Jude, Leon, and Soren.

    Best of luck!

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    I like Eamon a lot! Other suggestions include Brenham, Graham, or Quincy. Good luck!

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    If she liked Caspar but you're not a fan, what about Jasper? Jasper Thomas Ellis has a nice ring to it, love the nickname Jaz or Jas or even JT for a boy, it makes it seem like you are willing to compromise, and it means "bringer of treasure".
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgoblue View Post
    My concerns about Vaughn meaning small are based on my memories as a kid. I distinctly remember my classmates and I looking up our names for their meanings and researching their historical backgrounds, same thing with our last names. The kids who had names with "strange" meanings were teased pretty hard. I would think that the same goes on nowadays but I'm no longer 10 years old and can't confirm that. He is very likely to be small based on simple Mendelian genetics. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Also, there is the whole "men" and "small" connotations better left explored on different forums. I could see that being trouble in the world of boys aged 8-~17. As an adult who gives a rip. I am sure I am over analyzing this.

    Side note: I am a huge Michigan football fan and alum of the university. Anthony Thomas was a famous Michigan football player nick named the A-train. My wife met him a few times on campus and he is probably the one Michigan football player in history that she can name. She would laugh uproariously in my face if I suggested that. Perhaps I'll give it a try for fun!
    My sons first name is Vaughn, and we didn't even look up the meaning because seriously, nobody cares. Honestly! If you are concerned about your son being teased for a short period of time if at some point him and his friends look up the meaning of their names, well.. he is likely to be teased about a million things in his life time. You can't avoid them all! If you love the name then who cares!

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