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    3 Generations BNG!

    You and your husband's names are: (1)______ ______ ______ and ______ ______ ______ [first, middle and last] You are both retired and have been married for almost thirty-one years. Your five children have grown up and moved out – and you currently have nine grandchildren!


    Your oldest is a boy. He is twenty-nine and married to a wonderful woman named Eloise, with whom he has three young sons. He has always been very athletic and sporty (even in the womb) and began walking at a very young age. Right now, he has a job coaching his sons’ soccer team. His first name is after a famous athlete. His middle name honors your father. His name is: (2)______ ______.

    Your second child was another boy, a year younger than your first. He was always much quieter and analytical than his older brother, and went on to become a successful businessman. He is engaged to Caitlin, and has a baby girl with her. His first name is after a great author. His middle name starts with an “M”. His name is: (3)______ ______.

    Your third child was a girl. She was born three years after your second, on Halloween night, so you named her something to do with the holiday. Her middle name is after your grandmother. She is an aspiring actress / singer, and is dating a film director’s son, named Jacob. Her name is (4)______ ______.

    Your fourth child was another boy. He is twenty-four, very goofy, and has fulfilled his childhood dream of writing his very own comic book. He is married to a second-grade teacher named Danielle, and has twin girls and an adopted son with her. His first name is after a famous comedian, and his middle name is whatever you want. His name is (5)______ ______.

    Your youngest is a girl, born two years after your last son. Being the baby of the family, she is a bit spoiled and always had the benefit of her older siblings looking out for her. Since she was your last, you named her something extremely feminine and princessy in hopes of preserving her as your “little girl”- especially since she was the only one of your children to inherit your blonde hair. Her middle name is a flower. Ironically, she was one of the first to get married (to her high school sweetheart) and has three children – two boys and one girl. Her name is: (6)______ ______.


    Son #1′s children ~

    Oldest son (eight years old). First name is whatever you want, middle name starts with a “C”. His name is (7)______ ______.

    Middle son (six years old). First name is after your husband, middle name starts with a “C” as well. His name is (8)______ ______.

    Youngest son (three years old). First name has something to do with nature, middle name also starts with a “C”. His name is (9)______ ______.

    Son #2′s daughter ~

    Baby Girl (eleven months). First name is after you, somehow. Middle name is a place (city, country, etc). Her name is (10)______ ______.

    Son #3′s children ~

    Twin girls (three years old). One was named after her father, the other after her mother (could either be the first or middle name, your choice). Their names are: (11)______ ______ and ______ ______.

    Adopted son (four years old). His first or middle name must be African. His name is (12)______ ______.

    Daughter #2′s children:

    Oldest son (four years old). First name is whatever you want. His middle name is a surname from your side of the family. His name is (13)______ ______.

    Little girl (three years old). First name is a flower. Middle name is your mother’s name. Her name is (14)______ ______.

    Youngest son (seven months old). His first name is a bit trendy, but his middle name is very classic and old-fashioned. His name is (15)______ ______.

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