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Thread: Name Etiquette

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    My name is Larissa, and most people say it's pretty. But people often mistake it for Clarissa, Marissa, etc. i don't really get any outright insults or anything, which is good. Personally, if I don't like someone's name I wouldn't say it at all. I'd probably just say it's an interesting name or something, lol. I think it's definitely inappropriate to tell someone their parents are crazy for naming them what they did, or anything like that.

    Btw, I think Stormie is a nice name.

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    I get many compliments on my name. It's quite unusual (I've never met another), and people always ask me how to say it and then tell me how pretty it is. I usually spell it too, lol.

    I also get people saying stuff along the lines of "Wow! What a name!" in the sense that it's 24 letters total, and 10 syllables between first, middle, and last. Professors when calling roll typically pause at my name, get a horrified look on their face, say my name, and then ask "Did I pronounce that correctly?". They usually do, as my name is pretty phonetic. This also means they typically remember the girl with the odd name, which I like but others might not.

    My only peeve is when people misspell my name AFTER I've spelled it out/written it down for them, occasionally multiple times. Or mispronounce it after I've said it multiple times. The most common ones are Tamara and Toe-veera.
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    My name is not supper common (Raquel) but nobody has ever said anything rude about it. I personally think its rude to say something bad about a person's name
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    My name is CONSTANTLY mispronounced (it's the uncommon, Hebrew pronunciation of a common name). I once had a teacher tell me "Well, I've had so many students called [the mispronunciation] that I'm just going to use it for you as well." Um, no. That is not my name.
    I know exactly how that feels! In a world of Mayas and Kayas, I am a Ray-ah, not a Rye-ah. Haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheridel View Post
    I know exactly how that feels! In a world of Mayas and Kayas, I am a Ray-ah, not a Rye-ah. Haha
    Even better: our names rhyme!
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