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    Some ideas:

    Sansa Alexandra
    Sansa Carolien
    Sansa Marianne
    Sansa Mikaela
    Sansa Bernadette
    Sansa Una
    Sansa Aneira
    twenty-something name nerd. infj

    Seraphina Juliette Audrey. Evangeline Laetitia Odette. Catalina Ariadne Helen. Valentina Bellatrix Yvaine
    Violetta Catherine Lenore. Isabelle Faustina Clare. Rosalind Anna Belphoebe. Guinevere Cassia Ottilie
    Vanessa Rose Aphrodite. Helena Edelweiss. Talitha Caroline. Aurelia Madelief

    Peregrine Lysander James. Gavriel Alexander Callum. James Luca Auberon. Edmund Frederic Altair
    Perseus Arthur Flynn. Cassius Jason Alaric. Damien Alexei Orion

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    Bumping for todays crowd! I still haven't found anything I even remotely like!

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    Sansa is very odd to me, it's the name of a company that makes cheap MP3 players - I had one in high school. It's also been used in several fantasy stories, which I don't find objectionable, but it just feels like it really lacks substance. Sanne is nice, though. Sunniva spings to mind, too, I don't know if that would be something you were interested in.

    Middle suggestions:

    Sanne Lily - popular, but it feels short and feminine enough to stand up next to a very strong last name and soften everything out
    Sanne Juliet
    Sanne Daphne
    Sanne Iris
    Sanne Tamsin
    Sanne Claire
    Sanne Gwendolen / Sanne Gwyneth
    Sanne Elowen
    Sanne Liesel

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    I like fick's suggestions for Sanne.

    Have you considered Silje/Silja ( Scando pet form of Cecilia "celia") or Silke? I love all of these!
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    My first thought was Sansa Magdalene.
    I also like
    Sansa Lisette
    Sansa Corrine
    Sansa Lenore
    Under construction...

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