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    Can't really think of names to suggest but I did want to mention that I love the name Max! It's so cute and grows up well! I've only ever met one Max (Maxwell) and he is my age. Have yet to meet a little one! So although the name is rising in popularity, it's not THAT popular yet! GL!!

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    milenaviolet- thank you for the suggestions. I like Owen but it's already been used in my family, and I love Silas but my husband vetoed it. I also like Jude so maybe I will run that one by my husband also. Thanks!

    whitegold- thanks for the feedback on Max! It's great to hear positive things. This name is becoming a stronger contender for me.

    But I am curious- most of the replies about the name Max were positive. Which is great but I am wondering.... even though I really like the names Jack and James, I do think of them as sort of filler names, almost names that you would give your child because you couldn't come up with anything else or anything better. (I don't mean anything bad about these names and again I really do like them so I hope I'm not offending anybody by saying that! I also think they are strong and solid names, but just a little generic, common, and overused. Anyway, if my husband gets his way we might very well have a boy with one of these names.) But I'm kind of wondering if Max has the same vibe for people- just like a plain generic boy name? Or is it a little more distinctive to you? And the popularity thing still concerns me with Max but I don't think it's as common as Jack here in the United States (especially when you combine Jack with all the Jacksons too- then it becomes even more popular.)

    Thanks again for all the feedback so far!

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    Maybe Maxwell James? Classic, but not overwhelmingly common.

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    These are all really great names and all sound great with your daughters' names (which I love and are gorgeous!). I'm not a fan of nicknamey names like Jack and Max, but that's just me -- there are lots of people who love names like that. I do know several little Maxs, though I don't know what their full names are or if they have a full name version of it. I don't think there's anything particularly distinctive about Max, but I do LOVE the name Maximilian. But he'd always be called Max probably and folks wouldn't even know his full name unfortunately.

    Of the names you've listed, Oliver is my favorite and, I think, the least popular and sounds the best with your girls' names. Other posters have also made great suggestions. I'm looking forward to your husband's response on those. The only other one I'd throw out there (sorry if someone already suggested it) is Harry, which is classic and still unusual and distinctive and sounds great with Sophie and Violet. Good luck!

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    I think you and your husband both have nice names on your lists and your styles are similar- so hopefully you can find a nice name that you both like. Strong, Classic with a hint of spunk. Is Oscar to out there for him? I think that is in the same style as your girls. How about Beau?

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