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    Back to square one and thoughts on the name Max

    My husband and I can't agree on a name... We have had this problem naming every child. This is our third baby, only boy. I want to name him Oliver or Finn and he wants to name him Jack or James. It's not that I don't like the names he wants, I just want to avoid a super popular name like both of those. I told him that I would go back to the drawing board to see if I can find us some other options. The problem is that I feel like he has very plain taste and he vetoes every name I suggest. Some names I have thrown out for him are- Henry, Luca, Sebastian, Leo, Miles or Milo. He doesn't like any of them. Any new suggestions for us?? Our girls names are Sophie and Violet.

    Oh and also- what are some thoughts on the name Max? Do you think it is just as popular/common as Jack? Do you hear it all the time, are you tired of it? Top 100 doesn't bother me but top 10 does. I am still deciding how I feel about the name Max but just wanted to get some opinions.

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    Shame you can't agree as I think Oliver, Jack, James and Max all go well with your daughters' names. Where I am, Max is nowhere near as popular as Jack though it is on the rise. I've never come across one, old or young. Very handsome

    I don't know where you are so I don't know if any of these suggestions are in your top 10:

    Samuel, Peter, Luke, Joseph, Daniel, Harry, Oscar, Edward, Matthew, Jude, Andrew, Richard, George, David

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    Maybe you could compromise?

    Oliver Jack
    Oliver James
    James Finn
    James Oliver

    I really like Oliver Finn

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    I like the name Max a lot. I don't like the longer versions of it though like Maximilian or Maxwell. I feel like it could stand alone like Jack does. I hate the long Jackson version too though.

    At any rate, I think Max is great. It sounds good on a boy and a man, but it still rather simple like your husband seems to like. He really doesn't like it?

    Other suggestions:
    Benno (it's kind of quirky and means bear, but can be shortened to Ben by your husband who likes simple names. Also, there was apparently a Saint Benno. It has some historical background.)
    Bram (I think this name goes nicely with your daughter's names. Also, it's a bit unusual but still familiar.)
    George (I love the name George. It reminds me of George Bailey and George Weasley, but I think it would work well on a little boy. It's kind of old-fashioned yet cool. Like Henry.)
    Rhys (I thought this name might be favored by your husband. It is in the same vein as Finn for me. It's very handsome.)

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    Finn, Jack, Luca, Sebastian, Leo, Miles and Milo are on my list as well so I can confidently say that you have a good taste in names! I like Henry, Oliver, James and Max even though they aren't my favourite - but they're definitely timeless and lovable. I haven't met one Jack where I live but I have met a Max and a Léo (LAY-oh; I think it's the French version!)

    I like Sophie and Violet with: Oliver, Finn, Jack and Henry the most. I also like how Sophie, Violet, and Oliver all have six letters and seem classic. On a side note, I do like Max. I like other suggested choices such as Daniel and Edward. I also like tdillow's suggestion of combining names for first and middle names!

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