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    What do you think of the boy name Kit?

    I know a boy named Kit - just Kit, not Christopher or Christian and it works really well. He isn't bullied for having a 'girl' name as a lot of people tell me Kit is. Thoughts? Middle name suggestions are helpful!
    Kit Theodore
    Kit Benjamin
    Kit Edward
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    Surprisingly, I feel like it's not enough name. Which is weird, because I usually love nicknames as full names. lol There's nothing particularly girly about it, imo. If I had to choose, I'd pick Kit Edward.

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    I like the name Kit, it's sweet. I prefer it as a nickname for something though - I'm not keen on it as a stand alone name but thats my opinion. I do know a little boy called Kit whose full name is Atticus, I thought that was a cute NN for Atticus!

    I like the combo Kit Benjamin the best from your list!
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    I like the name Kit Benjamin from the list however you need to be careful that he doesnt get called Kitty by acident by family memebers as when he is older he may find it annoying

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    The only Kit I know is a girlfriend from college whose full name is Katherine. "Kit-kat", "whole kit and kaboodle" come to mind as puns, but they are pretty cute and harmless. I do agree that Kit as a NN from a "fuller" first name would be preferred.

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