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    I don't think they've been ruined for me. However, I would NEVER use a past pet name on a child. To me that's like having two children with the same name. Zoe is an amazing name, but no child will ever be graced with the name of my first, orange and furry baby.

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    We just got a new puppy, and since we are TTC, I had to be very careful when choosing a name - don't want to give my #1 to the dog! I actually did that and named my older dog Hazel. Now that eliminates that option for a possible future baby girl. Too bad - I love that name! Our new puppy is Ernie. Love the name, but it isn't on the short list for a baby boy.

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    Yes. After having a seven year break from having children, we went ahead and named our sweet little Persian kitty Pippa last summer. Now I can't think of any related names for an actual child. No Pippa, Poppy, Pippen, etc.

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    Actually, my daughter's name is the same name as a childhood dog of mine. We had the dog a short time, and the association was quickly replaced (for myself and my family) when my daughter started wearing the name. So I think it depends. We also had a dog named Nellie, which I love and considered as a nickname for Anneliese, but I couldn't get past the association to our dog. The difference there is she was a wonderful dog, one of our favorites.....very memorable. And she was in our family for 8 years.

    So an exposure wouldn't deter me at all, but if it was a loved and memorable pet, I would have a hard time using the name.

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    I had a cat called Samson when I was younger and he lived a long time - we got him when I was 8 and he died only a few years ago, so I don't think I could get away with any Sam- variation because he had a lot of nicknames. (Sammy, Sam..ect.)

    My mum & dad still have our family dog, who we called Bonnie. So I couldn't get away with that, she's such a presence in the family. I do like the name Ebony but I feel its too close.
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