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    I had a guinea pig called Poppy, I love the name but could never use it on a future daughter.

    In saying that though, my middle name is Kate after my great gran who was named Katherine and she was named after her parents cat, she told my mum NEVER name your kids after me, I was named after the cat, so therefore I got Kate to honor her instead.
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    I don't think a name of a pet would ever ruin a name for me, but I certainly couldn't imagine using a pet's name on a child - it's like having two children with the same name!
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    I had a rabbit called Peter when I was a child. Thankfully, it's not a name I would ever choose to use for a son so that dilemma's solved. However, I've never had a name ruined because of a pet. My aunt had a dog named Bella in the 90s, way before the name exploded, but I don't think 'dog's name' every time I hear a Bella being called in the street, and it wouldn't put me off the name if I liked it enough to use it, which I don't (-Bella names aren't my tea). I think if it's your pet, it would be weird, like naming two of your children the same name, but if it's something a friend or relative called their animal while you were growing up, I'd go ahead and use it if I loved the name that much.

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    For me yes. As a child we had a dog named Thor and I love that name. I also love Thora and Thorin but I could never get away with it..

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    Depends on the name.

    I've never owned a pet named Bailey, Coco, Lulu, Rudy, or Heidi, but I associate all those names with pets and wouldn't use them for a child.

    I associate Sabrina and Tabitha with pets but WOULD use them as aside from a mental image of a slim catlike girl I have no other real connection. I don't even strictly speaking remember if I've ever known a cat named Sabrina or Tabitha in real life, I definitely didn't own one.

    I have lived with a pet named Jack (O'Lantern) but would consider using Jack as a NN for John or Jacob or Jacqueline in any case as the association goes well beyond the cat for me and no one I know would even know about the cat as he died 17 years ago in another country and its not like I'll call out "JACK!" and they'll both turn around or something.

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