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    Are you up for the challenge??? Anyone with an adventerous name selection!

    I'm not one for forum's or things like that, but this is our 4th pregnancy, 3rd baby (due in 15 weeks). It seems SO much more difficult this time around. I guess because we have to consider ALL the kids name's now.
    Anyways, we don't know what we're having and we have a pretty 'particular' preference. Our 2 son's names are "Lyrik Michael" and "Ledger Brian"... Again, we don't know what we're having but if it's a boy, we are leaning towards "Lachlan Robert" (Robert will not be changing)... We want to stick with an "L" name if it's a boy, if it's a girl we are more lenient to other options...
    The 'criteria' or sorts is a 2 syllable name with a 'cool' and unique short version (Example, Lyr, Ledge, Lock), not like Leland would be "Lee" because I'm not a fan of short versions that are more traditional... We would like it to have the same 'vibe' as the other names, obviously not traditional but (we think) not totally 'out there'.... Most importantly, NOT popular. If it's within the top like 300, it stands little chance unless it's AMAZING.... I grew up in the generation of having to differentiate kids by their last name initial and there were handfuls of kids with the same name, so we want to avoid that.
    If it's a girl, we still want to stick with a 2 syllable name but I have NO idea where to even start. I feel I've exhausted EVERY resource out there, I've looked at 'earthy' names, biblical names, gems, colours, flowers, mythology, celebrity.. I mean, I am at such a loss. I feel like there is nothing that knocks me off my feet. The only names I have that haven't been 'cut' are "Elodie" (Which is french, pronounced Ee-lodie, and happens to be my Great great Grandmothers name), Lotus, Auria, Georgia and Phoenix (the last 3 have been unofficially cut by my husband)... Her middle name will either be Roberta (after my Mother) or Guinevere (after my niece who was stillborn a few years back)....
    I will gladly accept any suggestion! I remember with both boys, hearing the name and just KNOWING it was "the one". Not this time...

    Thanks in advance. I'm sorry for this being long winded!

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    the first girls name that came to mind was Sarai. Quirky and cool. Great nn of Rai. I think it is perfect for you!

    Also, I love Lachlan with your other sons' names!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I've no idea for a boy - sorry - but I think Lachlan sounds like a solid idea. For a girl however I would totally go with Roberta! I'm in love with this name I think it's brilliant Other ideas: Aria, Melody, Juno, Ember, Nancy, Willa, Wolfie, Velma, Storm, Karson, Livia, Paula, Freida, Eliana, Xanthe, Quinna, Ramona, Scout, Ivory, Dana, Calliope? Good luck and sorry I'm not much more help!
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    Love the Sarai suggestion! I love that it means Princess!!! And small world but a friend JUST named their daughter Rai! So that's out - but thanks for the suggestions!!!

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