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    New boy name we added!!

    We still have plenty of time before we meet baby boy, but we definitely have been tossing around names a lot. I found a new name & although I've heard it before & liked it, I guess I never thought of it for my baby until now. My husband & I both have Hebrew names. And, for the heck of it, I started looking at those & I came across Ethan. We are using Micah as the middle name. It means "strong". I am loving this. Just thought I would run my list across to you berries with this addition. Thanks in advance for the advice!

    The names we are loving...

    Ethan Micah
    Brooks Micah
    Sullivan Micah

    There is also a chance that I would even use Micah as the first name. I haven't totally been all about it, but I still love it. It's my husband's middle name. My father's name is David & his father's name is Scott, so I am throwing out this name too...
    Micah David Scott (DH has 2 middle names, so I figured we could maybe go with 2 as well to honor both our fathers).

    Thanks again & I'm totally taking suggestions too!

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    I like Micah David Scott because the combination is just so lovely and family orientated. Micah David Scott, sounds gorgeous and incredibly handsome furthermore Micah is a Hebrew name which links to both his parents tying the names altogether. The name is lovely. I also love Ethan Micah, Ethan is a handsome name very soft and wholesome. Ethan flows wonderfully with Micah. I dislike Brooks but Sullivan is okay. Still I prefer the idea of using a name of Hebrew origins to draw you altogether.

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    I love Micah! I also like the Micah David Scott combo!
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    I really like Ethan Micah! Not a fan of Sullivan or Brooks at all.

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    My son has 4 Ethans in his Sunday school class. It may not matter to you and it is a wonderful name, just wanted to give you a heads up that it is very popular. I also love Brooks, Micah and Sullivan - all great names!

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