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  • Rosemary Virginia

    55 47.01%
  • Virginia Rose

    62 52.99%
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    Rosemary Virginia is lovely. Virginia Rose sounds like a flower description rather than a person's name.
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    Virginia Rose is beautiful!!! They sound great together. I don't think Rosemary Virginia sounds right.. Too up and down.

    You can use Ginny as a nick name

    I love it.
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    Rosemary Virginia is my favorite.

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    I prefer Rosemary over Virginia as a first name, but as a pairing I think Virginia Rose rolls off the tongue far better than Rosemary Virginia.

    Either way, beautiful names!

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    Virginia Rose flows so beautifully and smoothly that I'd double-barrel it! You could call her Ginny-Rose for short. Or Ginny-Ro.

    Rosemary Virginia is fine as well, but I don't think they sound as cohesive together.

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