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    Sister for Harper Joy

    I'm looking for a name that goes well with Harper. I love Avery but I'm concerned everyone will think of the birdcage! I'm in Australia so Avery isn't as common here. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!! :-)

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    I really like Avery! Marlowe (nn Marley) Waverly, Willow, Noa Paisley and Finley also spring to mind.
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    I adore Avery, and it goes so beautifully with Harper.

    Eden, Violet, Poppy, Quinn, Sadie, Eleanor, Ivy, Eve, Remi, Alice, Milla.
    I could go on forever. My favourite combination from those is Eleanor Ivy (Nora for short, it's one on my list!)

    Harper Joy is a gorgeous name by the way!

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    I think Avery is beautiful! I have Harper on my list along with Sadie, Lily, Ruby, and Finley.

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    I can see you concern about Avery sounding like Aviary but I think even when Avery isn't as popular as in the US, it's still fairly recognizable. Actually one of my favorite things about Avery is that is reminds me of Aviary's and thus birds and flight. However, even though it's a unisex names for me it's more interesting on a boy than a girl.

    Also you might not watch Grey's Anatomy but the big foundation in that very popular tv show is called Harper Avery foundation. Just putting that out there. As something you might want to consider, or not.

    Haven - probably best as a mn this feels like a nice balance to Joy (Happiness and Safety)

    I like Ainsley Haven or Elodie Haven.
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