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    Why did you choose your kids names?

    Was it because you liked the two names together or the joined meaning or did it honour a family member. If you don't have kids why do you like your top 4 names for each gender.

    1. Isobel Jamesie Rose: Isobel is my grandmas name and Jamesie is my nanas name.
    2. Sophie Anne Edith: Anne is my middle name and Edith is my great grandmas middle name
    3. Miranda Grace Elizabeth: Grace is my great grandmas name and Elizabeth honours my mum Elspeth with sounds better with Miranda Grace.
    4. Eloise Romilly Mae: Mae is a form of Mary one of my grandmas middle names. Also honours my mum Elspeth and my sister whose middle name is Louise.

    1. Eamon James Harold: James is my dads middle name and Harold is my pops name
    2. Tiago Bryan John: Bryan is my grandad and John is my pops middle name and my step-great grandads name
    (I think)
    3. Cooper Alexander Smith: Smith is my current last name
    4. Jago/Jack Isaac Louis: Isaac is my brothers name and Louis is the boys form of my sisttes middle name Louise.
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    I have three children

    My daughter, Abrielle Ada, originally went by "Abby" after my great grandmother I never met. Ada after hubby's great grandmother who turns 110 in July!

    My son, Kalazen Lyric, goes by "Kalan". I love the name Kalan and Hubby loved Zen so we put them together. His middle name is because both hubby and I are major music lovers. I am a writer and hubs is a bass and guitar player. We used to write love notes through music lyrics. Lyric fit best.

    My son, Seviien Phoenix, goes by "Seven". We wanted to stick with the three syllable first name and Hubby REALLY loved how Seven sounded. So I made up Seviien as a full name because of the VII Roman numerals for 7. I loved it way more than Severen. Phoenix is a creature known for rising from its ashes and bursting into new life. My husband and I went through a very hard time in our life and went through many losses and hardships. This sweet boy was our 'new life'.

    Proud Mama of three little cupcakes...
    Abrielle Ada
    Kalazen Lyric
    Seviien Phoenix

    Names I am currently adoring...

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    1. Lydia Page : always liked the name Lydia, and Page is after my best friend..who would be her aunt
    2. Leah Jeanette: always liked the name/biblical story of Leah..Jeanette honors my great-grandma who was the only one who supported my mom in a hard time in her life and it also honors my first grade teacher Janet, who was murdered not long after I had her..she greatly impacted my life..

    3. Aria Quinn : Aria b/c my Italian heritage and Quinn doesn't have much significance other than I like it.
    4. Troian Isobel : Troian combines parts of names of a few people I'd like to honor, and i really like Isobel.

    1. Peter Eliot : Peter sort of honors/is a translation of my surname, and i'd get to still 'carry it on' this way when i get married in the future. Eliot is after a cousin of mine and after a book i read in elementary school called "Eliott's Code" or something like that, about a boy using braille (sorry if i spelled that wrong), and I've always liked it ever since.

    2. Paul Gregory: I really like Paul and the biblical aspects of it...and c'mon, how cool would it be to meet a little Paul? Gregory honors a teacher i had in the past who has had to overcome some serious obstacles in his life and he also impacted my life because of it

    3. Luke Mackenzie: I like Luca more, but Luke isn't bad...and Mackenzie because it sort of honors my roots (I'm a little bit of everything seems like) and my sister Macayla (the Mac- connection), and I like the idea of Mackenzie being back on the boys side, at least as a mn.

    4. Anthony Nicholas "Nico": I'm toying with this. I picked it b/c long story short, my mother liked this name but wasn't allowed by my bio dad to use I decided I would use it because she really liked it. But when i brought it up to her the other day, she didn't seem to thrilled...especially about the Nico I don't know..

    Well, that's my top four for each at the moment haha
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    We only have one daughter.

    Amelie Clara: Amelie because I thought it was chic, sophisticated, feminine, classy...Basically everything I wanted in a name. Luckily after some convincing my husband agreed. Clara for a much loved family member on my DH's side. While I pretty much hated Clara when we named her (bad personal association growing up) I've grown to love it and I'm very glad we chose it, as its very special and important to my DH and sounds good with Amelie.

    Current favourites for baby #2:

    1. Daisy Madeline. Daisy as its a name I've always loved, and it honours my Godmother who we are very close to, and myself, as Daisy's are our birth month flower. Madeline because we feel its stylistically similar to Clara.

    2. Rosalie Kate. Rosalie simply because I love it, I think it goes well with Amelie and is very pretty. It has great literary connections and is timeless. Kate for my DH's sister.

    3. Lucy Annabel. Lucy simply because we love it, its a classic and I can really see us with a little Lucy. Annabel to honour an Annie who is very dear to us, and it also honours me.

    4. Evelyn Primrose. Evelyn because we love the nickname Evie and I think its a classic. Primrose to honour my husband as primrose is his birth month flower.

    And the boys..

    1. Noah Samuel. Noah because I feel its every a boys name should be - Timeless, masculine, classy and strong. Bonus points for good literary connections and a long history. Samuel for my Uncle Sam.

    2. Henry Daniel. Henry because we love it and its a strong, core classic that would suit a man or boy of any kind. Daniel for my DH.

    3. William Elliott. William because I love the nn Liam and once again, its a core classic. Elliott for a relative we love very much.

    4. Isaac Roman. Isaac because we love it, its strong and has a lot of history. Roman simply because we love it and it honours family.

    Basically, all first names are simply names we love. Middles are for honouring family.
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    Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

    Alice Tallulah, Polly Matilda, Rosalie Faye, Lucy Annabel, Maya Lillian, Hazel Kate, Eva Blossom, Juliet Lila, Ivy Camille.
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    Leah Alessandra Faith- I love Leah, it's a strong biblical name that's pretty, soft, and suitable to all girls. Alessandra is lovely in sound and I like Aly, Lee, and Alice as nicknames. Faith is a word that's important in my life and also a character in a tv show with meaning to me.

    Susannah Angelina- Susannah is strong, lovely, rare, and a character I like off a book. Angelina is pretty yet carries strength. I like Susie and Lina as nicknames, as well as Anya.

    Eliza Katarina- same criteria as above really, and Katarina is a twist on my mother's name, Kathleen. Liza, Kat, and Rina are good nicknames.

    Caroline Antonia Mae- same criteria, Mae is honoring my grandmother

    Wesley Joseph- my grandfather's middle names

    Daniel Alexander- just strong, classic names I like

    Callum Wade- I like the sound of Callum, Wade is after my brother

    Nathaniel Malachi- love the sound, old classic names from Bible
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