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    My top two names for each gender:

    1. Eliza Florence - I love Eliza's meaning. Yes it is just the same as Elizabeth's meaning but I find Eliza to have more energy. It is also a spunky name that has been around for quite sometime. Florence is my favorite vintage name that also honors a family member.
    2. Bridget Laura - I picked Bridget for its meaning and Irish origins. Laura is a family name.

    1. Oliver James - Oliver is my favorite boys name for no particular reason. I just love its elegance and flexibility. James is also a family name.
    2. Julian Arthur - Julian is an underused classic with history. Also, I have a really good friend with this name. Like the previous middle names, Arthur honors a family member.

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    No kids, but here are my favourites!

    Aurora Leigh - after the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    Eleanor Beatrice - love Eleanor! And Beatrice is after my grandmother and my middle name. Although the combo of the two names is not set.
    Lorelai - after the gilmore girls (silly, but I'm in love with that show!)

    Milo Wilfred - love Milo and Wilfred is my grandfather's name

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    No kids but here's our top for each:

    Isaac Grant/Dante "Zac" or "Iggy": Isaac is a compromise between my love for Isaiah which is masculine without being rough and tumble. DH said it was too soft and preferred Zachary. Isaac gives each of us part of what we like.
    Grant is a name that we picked off a list that started with a "G" because DH decided he also likes the nickname Iggy. Dante is also a pick of DH's. This one is from the video game character Dante in the Devil May Cry series.

    Lilith Summer: Lilith is DH's all time favorite name. While I wasn't a fan its grown on me. Summer is after my cousin who died two years ago. She was one of the few people who openly supported and treated our relationship as anything more than two teenagers who just thought they were in love.

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    1. Stella Claire; Stella after a song and Claire is my grandma
    2. Julie Elizabeth; Elizabeth is my mother’s middle names
    3. Heather Ava; My middle name is a different flower name, so I like that. Ava after Angels and Airwaves.
    4. Bridget Soleil; Soleil is a nod to my maiden name.

    1. Alexander Owen; Owen is my grandfather’s middle name
    2. Evan Thomas; Thomas is Nate’s father
    3. Daniel Jack; Both friends of ours
    4. Mark Vincent; After Mark Hoppus.

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    Ksenia Margaret Jane--Ksenia is a Russian name, and I'm of Russian-Jewish descent. Margaret for an ancestor. Jane because I like it.
    Élodie Rosamund Clara--All chosen because I think they're pretty, lol.
    Rowena Lucy--I like the names
    Beatrix Anna-Louise--Beatrix for my late great-aunt Beatrice. Anna because I like it, Louise for my mom--her MN is Louise.
    Aurelia Charlotte--They're pretty
    Eloise Matilda--For ancestors.
    Genevieve Amaya--I think they're pretty.

    Augustus Johann Milo--Augustus because I LOVE the nn Auggie, and it sounds more "complete" than August. Johann for several German ancestors. Milo because I like it.
    Caspian Lawrence Hugo--Caspian instead of Kaspar, another ancestor. Lawrence for my grandfather. Hugo because I like it.
    Cyrus Donner--Cyrus is my great-grandfather's name. Donner is my Nana's maiden name.
    Albert George--My Nana's name was Alberta. I just like George.
    Emery Thaddeus--I like Emery. Thaddeus is yet another German ancestor.
    Alistair Everett--I like the names.

    When I say "for an ancestor" I mean I was looking at my family tree and saw the name and liked it. Not to honor a particular ancestor.

    Very few direct "honor" names. A lot inspired by ancestors, but mostly because I like them.
    Love my dog Zephyr <3
    Currently pondering:
    Elysia Maeve~Marina Isolde~Linnea Violetta~Minerva Sophronia~Merida Ianthe~Eleni Finola
    Tiernan Hugo~Felix Lysander~Orion Casimir~Caspian Milo~Evander Anslem~Leonidas Gavin
    Cosima Helene & Emrys Jasper

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