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    Daniel Glen
    Daniel turned out to be the only boy's name my husband and I could agree on. After spending years thinking about names for my future children, my husband ended up vetoing all my favorites. For a few weeks after finding out we were expecting a boy, DH turned down all my suggestions and I turned down all of his... until he suggested Daniel. The name had not been on my radar, but -- when I took notice of it -- I realized it was a strong, super handsome classic with the added bonus of being biblical. DH asked me if we could use his father's middle name Glen as the middle name. I agreed, and felt it made a fine combo.

    Timothy Austin
    DH and I barely found a second boy's name we could agree on. When he suggested Timothy, I wasn't 100% sold at first, but it grew on me. After my son was born, I came to love it even more. For the middle name... When I was a teenager, I visited my 87-year-old grandfather (named August) whom I adored. He was the only grandparent who didn't get a namesake amongst the grandchildren. I told him that I would name a son after him someday. Unfortunately, at age 14, I didn't consider the fact that my future husband would have to agree. As it turned out, DH did not like the name August. So, we ended up using Austin instead. (August and Austin have the same origins. Austin is a medieval short form of Augustine, derived from Augustus.) It still bothers me that I did not get to use the actual name August, but I know that I tried my best to keep my promise.

    Rebecca Jane
    Rebecca is a name that I fell in love with a few years before I got married. There were no Rebeccas in my family, and I could only remember one Becky and a Becca out of all my acquaintances in school. To me, it was a beautiful, underused, elegant, classic. My husband quickly agreed to the name. After two biblical boys' names, we also liked how her name fit right in. For her middle name, my daughter was always destined to have the middle name Jane. My late mother was 'Mary Jane,' and my middle name is Jane.

    A few months ago, Rebecca made my day by mentioning that she likes her name. She also said that, at school, a lot of kids are embarrassed by and/or secretive about their middle names. She said that she is glad Jane is her middle name, and she has no qualms about telling people when they ask for her middle name. She is planning to pass the middle name to her future daughter. (Rebecca also told me that she is hoping to name a future son August to belatedly fulfill the promise that I made to my grandfather. Such a sweet thought! I just don't want her to feel any self-imposed pressure or obligation about it.)
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Our story is pretty boring. I've always loved Hazel and I suggested it to my hubby and he liked it too.

    Naomi is after my grandmother who went by Mimi (her name is Marie - she hated Marie and has always been known as Mimi. I would have liked Marie as the middle name but she really hated the name - so we thought Naomi honored her well, and it's always been a fave of mine so that was a bonus!)

    Our bean who is due in just under a month is either going to be Arthur Redding, Felix Redding or August Redding. The first names have been chosen simply because we love them (but we can't decide between :S), and the middle name is my MIL's maiden name, who we lost last year so we want to surprise the family by honoring her.
    Hazel Naomi ♥ Arthur Redding

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    Bumping up.

    @3cupcakes Abrielle is gorgeous
    @pinkballerina I love Daisy Madeline
    Isobel | Eloise | Matilda | Lucia | Alice | Eleanor | Amelia | Felicity | Phoebe | Eilidh | Rosalia | Zoe | Azalea | Genevieve | Tallulah | Everleigh | Rebecca | Leila | Harper | Grace | Zara |
    Eamon | Hayes | Tiago | Cooper | Lawson | Archer | Lincoln | Asher | Alfie | Baxter | Taylor | Flynn | Lewis | Fletcher | Jack | Harley | Brooklyn | Regan | Oscar | Spencer |

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    Err..... all the names i have picked because i think they are really pretty or attractive. I don't have a very big family anyway and the only person i am close to is my mother. I might incorporate my grandmothers names into the middle names though. (One is a pretty 'rose' name so i might use that or something similar)
    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    My girls reserve list - Lorena - Phina (josephina) - Rosalind - Luna - Kitty (katherine) - Lucia - Ada (adelaide) - Leona - Nadia - Irina - Nicola - Iris - Petra
    My boys RL - Dominic - Charles (not charlie)- Caspar - Tristan - Rowan

    Note: Lorena- 'lor-ayna', Lucia- 'loo-see-a', Irina- 'eye-ree-na'. Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.
    (probably ruled out: Freddie(frederick), Archie(archibald), Jamie(james), Owen.)

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    Don't have kids yet but my top three for each gender...

    1. Gwendolen Elizabeth - Love Gwendolen's strong but feminine sound, and also love the nicknames Gwen and Wendy. Elizabeth is a family name on both my mums and dads side and is also pretty and classic.
    2. Annabel Rosemary - Annie and Belle/Bella are two of my favourite nickname names and Annabel combines the two, plus Rosemary honours my grandmother Mary
    3. Lydia Jane - Lydia's classic, strong and beautiful and sounds amazing with Jane. No personal connection.

    1. Kendrew Emmett - Have always loved the nickname Drew, but never really cared for Andrew and another poster suggested Kendrew as a alternative and I fell in love, Emmett I don't normally love, but just feels right with Kendrew.
    2. Edmond Briar - Love Edmond because it classic and I love the nickname Ned, plus awesome namesake Edmond Hillary. Briar I just love, but wouldn't use it in the first name spot, because of the Briar Rose assocation.
    3. William Alistair - William is a strong classic name as well as a family name and I love it. Alistair I love the sound of, and it fits well with William.

    Interesting to read the storys behind the names people choose, keep them coming, Berries!
    Current Favorites:
    Helena, Abigail, Ginny, Edith, Lydia, Rebecca, Miriam
    Briar, Tobiah, Daniel, Callum, Reed, Robert, Abel, Raphael, Nolan

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