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Thread: Name Game

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    Name Game

    You are out of college. You have a long term boyfriend who is very supportive of everything you do. You are anticipating him to pop the question. One romantic evening; dinner, a movie, slow dancing in his living room, and other things. You soon fall asleep in his bed. The next morning you wake up to breakfast in bed. There is a lumpy envelope on your pancakes. You open the card that is inside, it reads: will you marry me? The rest of the envelope contains a beautiful diamond engagement ring. You run into his kitchen, jump onto him and whisper yes in his ear.

    1. His name: ______ ______ (first and last, doesn’t have to be real)
    2. The college you went to: ______
    3. Restaurant: ______
    4. Movie: ______
    5. Song you danced to: ______

    You two schedule the wedding for a year from the proposal date. The wedding will be in the USA and the honey moon will be anywhere BUT the United States.
    6. Wedding date: ______ __ (month and day)
    7. Wedding place: ______
    8. Honey moon location and length: ______ (place) for ______ (days, weeks, etc)

    When you get back from your exhilarating honey moon, you find out that you are pregnant with twins. You want the gender to be a surprise so you come up with names for each possible combo. You have the first letters of their names be the same and their middle names be of family significance (for example your mom’s middle name, your cousins name, etc)

    9. B/B combo: ______ ______ and ______ ______
    10. G/G combo: ______ ______ and ______ ______
    11. B/G combo: ______ ______ and ______ ______

    9 months later you give birth to the twins. They are a girl and a girl! When they are 2, you decide that the family is not complete. You Get pregnant and find out the gender right away, unlike last time. You find that it is a boy! You use your favorite boy’s name with your dad or brothers name as the middle name.

    12. Boy’s name: ______ ______

    When your twins are 3 and your boy is 1, you decide to have another kid. When you go to your first ultrasound, you find that you have triplets! Two boy’s and a girl! You decide to honor each child after your late grandparents (all but one of your grandparents have passed).

    13. Triplet Girl: ______ ______
    14. Triplet Boy: ______ ______
    15. Triplet Boy: ______ ______

    When your twins are 6, your boy is 4, and your triplets are 3, you think to yourself I miss having a baby around. Your husband feels the same way so you try for another baby. This fails time and time again so you decide to adopt. You want to adopt to kids the same age but they are not twins. You find a teen mother who needs to put her baby up for adoption. You meet her and find that she is a sweet, and spunky person so you decide to adopt from her. She doesn’t want to know the gender . You also adopt a girl from China. When the babies are born one day apart, you find out that you have two beautiful girls!

    16. Teen mothers name: ______ ______ (first and last)
    17. Both babies’ birthdays: ______ __ and ______ __ (months and days)
    18. Girl from teen mother’s name: ______ ______
    19. Chinese girl’s name: ______ ______

    When your twins are 8, your boy is 6, your triplets are 5, and your two girls are 2, you decide to try for one more kid. When you find out the gender, you also find out that you are having more twins! When the two BOYS are born on a winter day, you decide to name them different first initials but the same middle initials.

    20. Twin boy: ______ ______
    21. Twin boy: ______ ______

    When your 1st twins are 11, your boy is 9, your triplets are 8, your two girls are 5, and your 2nd twins are 3, you decide to finally settle down in an eastern state. A year later, everyone wants something; they each want a pet. You grant them their wishes and buy them each a pet.

    22. Twin Girl’s pet: ______ (color) ______ (species) named ______
    23. Twin Girl’s pet: ______ ______ named ______
    24. Boy’s pet: ______ ______ named ______
    25. Triplet girl’s pet: ______ ______ named ______
    26. Triplet boy’s pet: ______ ______ named ______
    27. Triplet boy’s pet: ______ ______ named ______
    28. Girl 1’s pet: ______ ______ named ______
    29. Girl 2’s pet: ______ ______ named ______
    30. Twin Boy’s pet: ______ ______ named ______
    31. Twin Boy’s pet: ______ ______ named ______

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    Rhode Island
    Me: Kimberly Rosemarie Sampson.

    Boyfriend: Brendan Jacob Artemis.

    College: Brown University.

    Restaurant: Bella Pasta.

    Movie: The Notebook.

    Song: "You'll Be In My Heart" - Phil Collins.

    Wedding Date: June 9.

    Wedding Place: Block Island, Rhode Island.

    Honeymoon: South Africa, 2 weeks.

    B/B Combo: Quincy Raymond Artemis& George Peter Artemis.

    G/G Combo: Aisha Melissa Artemis& June Patricia Artemis.

    B/G Combo: Trace Dannel Artemis& Lucia Annamaria Artemis.

    1. Melissa Aisha Artemis.

    2. June Patricia Artemis.

    3. August Jayme Artemis.

    4. Skyler Johnathan Artemis.

    5. Rory Davin Artemis.

    6. Ella Portia Artemis.

    Teen Mother: Kaja Surya Doe.

    7. (American) Avery Vivian Artemis.

    8. (Chinese) Mariann Chloe Artemis.

    9. Garrett Alexei Artemis.

    10. Jackson Andrew Artemis.

    Melissa's Dog: Dagny.

    June's Dog: Turner.

    August's Cat: Inigo.

    Ella's Bunny: Bowen.

    Skyler's Parrot: Libby.

    Rory's Horse: Malachi.

    Avery's Rabbit: Cannon.

    Mariann's Hare: Sloane.

    Garrett's Fish: Seagull.

    Jackson's Hermit Crab: Aldo.

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    My name is Emilia Marie Holden

    #1 - His name: Maxwell Andrew Walker
    #2 - The college you went to: NYU
    #3 - Restaurant: Olive Garden
    #4 - Movie: The Vow
    #5 - Song you danced to: He is We - All About Us
    #6 - Wedding date: October 4th
    #7 - Wedding place: The small Church where my parents married in England with the reception in Doddington Hall
    #8 - Honeymoon location and length: Cayo Coco, Cuba for two weeks
    #9 - B/B combo: Caleb Aidan Walker and Cohen Les Walker
    #10 - G/G combo: Lydia Sarah Walker and Luna Eloise Walker
    #11 - B/G combo: Heath Richard Walker and Heidi Lois Walker
    #12 - Boy’s name: Dominic Les Walker
    #13 - Triplet Girl: Heidi Lois Walker
    #14 - Triplet Boy: Caleb Graham Walker
    #15 - Triplet Boy: Ezra Richard Walker
    #16 - Teen mothers name: Haley Ariana Pierce
    #17 - Both babies’ birthdays: September 8th and September 9th
    #18 - Girl from teen mother’s name: Aurora Rose Walker
    #19 - Chinese girl’s name: Poppy Mei-Xing Walker
    #20 - Twin boy: Felix Reuben Walker
    #21 - Twin boy: Nathaniel Romeo Walker
    #22 - Twin Girl’s pet: Husky named Gypsy
    #23 - Twin Girl’s pet: Bernese Mountain Dog named Saffron
    #24 - Boy’s pet: Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Remus
    #25 - Triplet girl’s pet: Golden guinea-pig named Alina
    #26 - Triplet boy’s pet: Black rabbit named Timothy
    #27 - Triplet boy’s pet: Brown and white guinea-pig named Miles
    #28 - Girl 1’s pet: Black Kitten named Lux
    #29 - Girl 2’s pet: Smokey Grey kitten named Cleo
    #30 - Twin Boy’s pet: goldfish named Patrick
    #31 - Twin Boy’s pet: goldfish named Dory[/QUOTE]
    "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, its sings because it has a song."
    ~ Maya Angelou

    *second star to the right and straight on till morning*

    29/12/15 . 12/08/17

    Mummy to CTP 09.16

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    Rhode Island
    Me: Heidi Carvalho.
    College: Eckerd College.
    Boyfriend: Asher Ferreira.

    1. Elsa Marianne Ferreira.
    2. Michelle Renée Ferreira.
    3. Matthew Nathan Ferreira.
    4. Emmett John Ferreira.
    5. Allan Anthony Ferreira.
    6. Vivia Laura Ferreira.
    7. (Adopted) Amelia Catherine Rodrigues Ferreira (Mother: Rosa Rodrigues).
    8. (Adopted-China) Nidia Li Ferreira.
    9. Oliver Jacob Ferreira.
    10. Callum Jeremy Ferreira.

    Home: Annapolis, Maryland.

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    Me: Lila Katherine Kazurinsky.
    Boyfriend: Ethan Edward Zimmer.

    1. Natalie Rose Zimmer.
    2. Harlow Anne Zimmer.
    3. Christian Michael Zimmer.
    4. Maddison Marie Zimmer.
    5. Declan Alexander Zimmer.
    6. Alistair John Zimmer.

    Teen Mother: Melissa Ann Florkowski.

    7. (A) Cara Catherine Zimmer.
    8. (A) Mei Isabelle Zimmer.
    9. Dorian Charles Zimmer.
    10. Rhys Christopher Zimmer.

    Dog: Kinzley.
    Dog: Creed.
    Cat: Tetsu.
    Cat: Basil.
    Rabbit: September.
    Rabbit: Lord.
    Rabbit: Saray.
    Rabbit: Nikau.
    Hamster: Nero.
    Hamster: Lazaro.

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