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    1. Husbands name : Dane Aaron Rollins
    2. The twins’ names: Alexis Rose and Roxanna Belle (Lexi and Roxy)
    3. Your name: Kelsey Lauren Rollins
    4. Daughter #3 name: Elizabeth Kate (Betsy)
    5. Choose to Adopt from: TN
    6. Boys name: Theodore Neil
    You become pregnant with triplets, two girls and a boy. You want the 1st girls initials to be flipped with the second girls initials, and the boy’s initials to be AJ.
    7. House http://crownedwithlaurels.blogspot.c...ream-home.html
    8. Girls’ names: Margaret Elise and Eleanor Marie (Margot and Nora)
    9. Boy’s name: Alden Josiah
    You decide to adopt again. This time, not from an orphanage, but from your daughter’s friend’s sister, who is 17 and pregnant, who wants to give the baby up. You agree to adopt and want to name the baby after the birth mother, Juliet Claire.
    10. Her name: Juliet Claire
    You decide to adopt from a local orphanage, and while there you find triplet boys, and their older sister, who must come with them.
    11. Boys’ names: Leo West, Felix Stone and Oscar Rome

    By now your squashed into your former seemingly large house. You decide to move to a larger house. The kids all want pets, and promise to take care of them (yeah right!), so you agree to treat them with a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a turtle and a goldfish.

    12. House (post a picture):
    13. Dog: Great Dane named Duke
    14. Cat: Orange cat named Garfield
    15. Rabbit: Grey rabbit named Thumper
    16. Turtle: Michaelangelo
    17. Goldfish: Marigold

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