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Thread: Help Me Please

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    Help Me Please

    This post is not related to babying naming but I need help naming a business. Right now my business name is almost my name but not quite.

    I am trying to decide if I should keep this name or change it.

    I see people selling on this website with cool shop names/business names that are girl names like Clementine or Haven.

    General Questions that I would love to hear your thoughts on:
    Should I just keep it my name?
    Would you rather have a business name like your name or one that is just a cool name like Fiametta?

    Name Questions to help me with:
    Are there some names that have a meaning related to metal/crafting/fire/torch/hammer/saw? I am really looking forward to any suggestions you have here or for the question below
    Are there any Gods/Goddesses that deal with metal?

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    Honestly, I think you should keep it your name. I think that sounds very professional and more serious than a cutesy pun or some trendy, cliche word. If I were looking for a photographer, for example, I would look more seriously into something called "Aly Jones Photography" than something like "Cherish the Moment Photography." I think it sounds like the photographer takes herself more seriously. I also think there is beauty in simplicity. Good luck!

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    At the same time, you want to be clear and transparent when attracting customers. I would have no idea what Danni Kelli sold. No idea whatsoever. It could be sweaters with cats on them or an escort service. I think something that relates to your product-- even something as uncreative as Danni Kelli Metalworks-- would be helpful.

    Picking a random 'cool' girls' name will not help. And picking something cheesy ("Petal to the Metal" for flower jewelry) won't attract a young clientele. If you go for a pun it really does have to be clever.

    Most of the smith gods are gods, not goddesses. St Eligius is the patron saint of metalworkers, if that appeals. Hephaestus, Wayland and Vulcan come to mind as mythological smiths.
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