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    WDYT about these character names?

    I'm writing a story with some made-up names and I want to know your opinons about them.

    Created LN: Mendenzelia (PN: men-den-zell-lee-uh) Changes to Mendez b/c they come to America during the '20's

    Luvorick (PN: Lou-vor-rick): He's a sorceror in the story. Tall, dark, and handsome
    Lorlicia (PN: Laur-lee-cee-uh): His wife
    Andrian Warrick (PN: An-dree-in): one of their sons

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    I really like the last name and Luvorick and Lorlicia. I've never been brave enough to make up my own names, so I commend you for that

    I think that because you are going with names that are very different and unheard of (obviously, because you made them up) that Andrian is a safe and somewhat boring choice because it's too close to Adrian. I don't mean this in a bad way, I just think that because the others are so interesting that this character may come off as less-interesting.
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    I love Luvorick! It sounds so pretty
    The others are alright
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    They're fantastic names. (I actually wish I came up with them first). However the wife and husband's names are a little too similar. Still good but you should consider the likeness between the two names.

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