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    Eliza Beatrix? Other ideas for DH and I who have such very different favorite names?

    We're having a terribly difficult timing deciding on a baby name for our #4 and hoped some of you might be able to help I'm new to the forums but have been reading nameberry like crazy since we found out we were having a girl.

    DH is British, but tends to like 1980s American names (Jessica, Rachel, Danielle, etc) which I can't really stand, but I'm trying to be fair and not completely veto right off the bat, even though he pretty much single-handedly named our daughter! (Imogen)

    Some of the names I've grown fond of during this pregnancy that he vetoed were Evie (vetoed because we couldn't agree on a full name for it and neither of us like using a nickname as a given name), Lyra, Lelia (family name), Margaret (nn Maggie), Natalie (not sure why I liked this... it's a bit of an 80s name too), Genevieve, Greta, Roxy (again, both of us vetoed because we don't like Roxanne), Tabitha (don't like the nn Tabby), and Wren (too short).

    Names DH suggested that I vetoed: Jessica, Rachel, Danielle, Dominque, Kierstan, Haley, Keira, Marissa, Alexis, Caitlin, Megan.

    Currently I'm pushing for Eliza Beatrix, because:
    1) He didn't veto Eliza (super important LOL!)
    2) Beatrice is a family name... I like the x ending better though.
    3) I LOVE the idea of being able to call her Eliza Bee as a pet name while she's young.

    Thoughts? Any other ideas? I'll share our other children's names if it helps it all... My oldest is from a previous relationship and at the time I had ever only met one Gabe so I thought it was a pretty unique name. Oh well!

    Boy - Gabriel Seth <very Italian last name>
    Boy - Riley Alexander <two-syllable last name ending in son>
    Girl - Imogen Terra <two-syllable last name ending in son>

    As much as I love Imogen's name, I am SO tired of having to explain it to every single person upon introducing her (No, we didn't make it up. No, it's not ImoGENE. Yes, I know it's "different", but it's actually very very common in England where her dad is from. Yes, you can just call her Immy. No, Immy, not Amy. etc...)

    So while I love less common names, I also want one that isn't going to cause more of this kind of drama.
    Thanks for your help

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    As a Brit I find it so strange that Imogen is considered 'different' in the USA when I know a zillion Imogen's!

    I love Eliza Beatrix, I don't think Eliza will course drama like Imogen because she's a variant of the every stable classic Elizabeth. Eliza is a beautiful name. She's elegant sweet and has a spunky feel. I also think Eliza sounds great with Gabriel, Riley and Imogen. Eliza Beatrix is a beautiful combination very vintage and timely. I think she's a perfect choice. I also like the family association with Beatrix too. Furthermore for your English hubby there's the perfect association of Beatrix Potter. You can't get more British than Beatrix Potter other than of course Shakespeare, the Bronte Sister's, Jane Austen etc but hey you know what I mean ; )

    Here are some suggestions sticking with Beatrix as the middle name...
    Florence Beatrix -
    Gabriel Seth, Riley Alexander, Imogen Terra & Florence Beatrix

    Charlotte Beatrix -
    Gabriel Seth, Riley Alexander, Imogen Terra & Charlotte Beatrix

    Serena Beatrix -
    Gabriel Seth, Riley Alexander, Imogen Terra & Serena Beatrix

    Annabel Beatrix -
    Gabriel Seth, Riley Alexander, Imogen Terra & Annabel Beatrix

    Eleanor Beatrix -
    Gabriel Seth, Riley Alexander, Imogen Terra & Eleanor Beatrix

    Rosalie Beatrix -
    Gabriel Seth, Riley Alexander, Imogen Terra & Rosalie Beatrix


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    Eliza Beatrix is wonderful! And she would work well with your other children, which is definitely a plus.
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    Love Eliza Beatrix, this is a keeper!
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    DH just vetoed Beatrix. He says he's "Not a fan". Oy. Guess that means Eliza is still on the table at least.

    I'm trying to force myself to like some of his names as middles but they all remind me of people I went to school with and I just can't wrap my head around that...

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