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    How about Oliver or Owen? I think both go well with Arlo! I also love Soren but that's already been suggested

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    Rory: I like this choice the name is really handsome and very soft. I like the fact that the name seems bright and has an almost Gaelic feel to the name. Rory is a lovely choice. I think Rory sounds brilliant with Arlo as well.

    Monty: I really dislike Monty for me it's a pet name

    Oscar - I've never really liked Oscar the name just isn't me.

    Oisin - I dislike this again, the name lacks the style that I would want in a boys name.

    Fionn - I prefer Finn

    Arlo & Owen
    Arlo & Orson
    Arlo & Rowan
    Arlo & Brody
    Arlo & Nolan

    I think Arlo & Nolan would be a great choice along with Arlo & Rowan.

    Hope this helped x

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    No new suggestions, but I love Rory or Lior.

    My sons name is Oscar, (which of course I love), but I don't think it is as soft as Arlo if you're going for a similar feel.

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