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    Quiz CAF with namebank

    LN: Your choice

    DH: (choose from namebank at the bottom)
    DW: (choose from namebank at the bottom)

    Pregnancy #1:

    What colour are your nails painted?
    Purple or red - DD
    Yellow or blue - DD/DD
    Pink - DS
    Green or orange - DD
    Other - DS
    Black - DS
    Clear - DD
    None - DS/DS

    Pregnancy #2:

    Out of the following choices, which film do you like the most?
    An Education - DD
    Silver Linings Playbook - DD/DS
    Life of Pi - DS
    I Am Sam - DD
    Django Unchained - DS/DS
    I haven't seen any / I didn't like any of those - DD/DD

    Pregnancy #3:

    Out of the following choices, which film do you like the most?
    Pulp Fiction - DS/DD
    Les Misérables - DD
    Up - DS/DS/DD
    A Beautiful Mind - DS
    Lost in Translation - DD
    I haven't seen any / I didn't like any of those - DS/DD

    Pregnancy #4:

    Which name do you prefer?
    Jack - DD
    Alexander - DS
    Hugo - DD/DD
    Everett - DD
    Lorcan - DS
    Zane - DS/DS

    Pregnancy #5:

    Which name do you prefer?
    Ruby - DD
    Antonia - DS
    Cordelia - DD
    Jane - DS
    Harper - DD
    Sophie - DS

    Pregnancy #6:

    Where you would rather live?
    Chicago or Seattle - DD
    San Francisco or Los Angeles - DS
    Louisville or Nashville - DD
    Albuquerque or Phoenix - DD
    New York City or New Orleans - DS/DS
    Miami or Dallas - DS

    Choose first and middle names from the namebank below:

    Girls: Sidonie Amabel Cerys Fleur Honora Sydney Ariel Audrey Leonie Noelle Jennifer Tess Valentina Alice Jessamine Pippa Lucinda Selena Mireille Juniper Anya Lily Elizabeth Clementine Ophélie Luna Georgia Rachel Molly Hazel Andromeda Callisto Maeve Niamh Estelle Aurelia Danica Caroline Mara Amélie Ingrid Laurel Olive Roux Scarlet Willow Katherine Margaret Sophia Madeline Charlotte Elodie Alessia Beatrix Calla Delphine Elsa Francesca Anne Isadora Jocasta Lila Manon Lucienne Nadia Oceane Simone

    Boys: Isaiah Lars Byron Cash Brock Jasper Angus Hamish George Murphy Hadrian Igor Lachlan Kai Morrissey Owen Thomas William Daniel Ryder Brady Bennett Raymond Marius Edward Harrison Spencer Rupert James Zachary Hunter Asher Stellan Raphael Tobias Wyatt Leo Beau Chase Dexter Jude Lazarus Miles Nico Zane Rhett Seth Ezra Jacob Isaac Louis Arthur Francis Jesse Theodore Sebastian Alexander Nathaniel Tristan River Darcy Cato Remus Seamus Harry Joseph Charles Mattéo Cruz Cedric

    Audrey | Nora | Louisa | Estelle | Freya | Bronte | Edith | Imogen | Phoebe
    Lincoln | Jude | Ezra | Silas | Miles | Elias | Roman

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