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    Me: Dakota Rose Rodriguez
    Boyfriend: Lachlan Oliver Whitfield

    Where do you live? Adelaide, Australia

    Year 1: You start dating
    We meet in college. At Michelle Browns 'mandatory' welcome party.
    Our first date is watching the sunset at the beach. There is a snack shack on the beach where we both get mini Pavlovas.

    Year 2: You go on vacation for your first anniversary.
    We go to Turkey, to the Pammukkale Thermal Pools, a promise Lachlan made to his grandfather about going there.

    Year 3
    We take a vacation for our second anniversary to China and walk the great wall.

    Year 4
    We adopt a pet hamster together. A boy which we name Cas, he lives with Lachlan.

    Year 5
    Lachlan's older brother Trent William Whitfield is maryying his 2 year fiancée Madeline Kate McCauley-Jones. Lachlan is the best man and I am brought along as Lachlan's guest.
    Lachlan proposes at the wedding reception at the end of his best mans speech.
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    Her: Riann Rose Owens
    Him: Jon James Owens

    Live: Chicago, Illinois

    Year One: They met when they were both six years old, not long after Jon had to move away due to his father's job. Six years ago they bumped into each other at a bookstore and picked up where they left off. Now that they are both 25 years old they decide to begin a relationship. For their first date they go to a movie. Jon wants to see a documentary and Riann wants to see a comedy, they compromise and see an action movie.

    Year Two: For their one year anniversary they visit L.A. because Riann has always wanted to go there.

    Year Three: They adopt a pet dog together, they name him Marley he lives with the couple in their small house.

    Year Four: The couple adopts a hamster named Kissie

    Year Five: The couple are blessed with a baby boy that they name Landon Jonathan Owens, at the same time the happy daddy decides to propose to his lady a few days after the birth of their new son.

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    Me: Lila Jane Baker
    Boyfriend: Ezra Jack Miller
    Live: London, England

    Year 1:
    You've known each other since you were kids. When you were 6 years old, he moved away because his Dad got a work transfer. 5 years ago, you got back in touch with each other. Since then you've been building up a friendship and both of you have realized there's something more. You're both 22.

    Your first date is watching the sunset at the beach - we get fish and chips and some chilled white wine.

    Year 2:
    We travel to Reunion for our first anniversary. We go there because we want to practice our French skills and want to hang out at the lovely beaches.

    Year 3:
    Ezra's older brother Jacob gets married to his long time girlfriend Ally. It's a really relaxed, low-key intimate wedding in at an old farmhouse. There's no bridal party and only a few speeches, and lots of laughing and wine and a beautiful night.

    Year 4:
    It's another wedding! My friend from work, Jasmine is getting married to her boyfriend Rajesh - and she wants me to sing a song at the reception. It's terrifying, but a great honor and a great night is had by all.

    Year 5:
    I get a new car - a BMW M3. Black. I'm stoked. A few weeks later I come home from work to find Ezra has snuck home early, tidied the house and cooked me a delicious 3 course dinner. I feel so loved by this gesture, but don't expect anything more. After desert he surprises me with an amazing pink diamond ring! Of course I say yes!
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    Me: Nina Paige Bruce Him: Daniel Jay Franklin. Live: Birmingham, West Mids, UK Yr1: We've known each other since you were kids. When I was 12 years old, he moved away due to his father's new job. 4 years ago, we got back in touch with each other. Since then we've been building up a friendship and both of us have realized there's something more. We are 22 years old. Our first date is going to the cinema, we agreed on an action adventure film to watch. Yr2: For our first anniversary we go on holiday to Warsaw, Poland. Yr3: My big cousin Edith gets married to her boyfriend of five years Kane, they are 25 and 30 years old respectively, she very kindly invites both Dan and I along. Yr4: For our 3rd anniversary we take a holiday to the south Devon coast and spend five nights in a four star hotel by the sea. Yr5: Daniel is promoted to write a weekly column in the newspaper, to celebrate he takes me out to swanky resturant where he unexpectantly asks me to marry him. Of course I say yes and then he surprises me further by whisking me away to a one of the city's top hotels for the rest of the night.
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    Your name and your boyfriend's name: Evangeline LouiseLouKent and James Alexander Davenport

    Where do you live? Denver, Colorado

    Year 1:
    You've known each other since you were kids. When you were eight years old, he moved away due to his father getting a job in Shanghai. Five years ago, you got back in touch with each other. Since then you've been building up a friendship and both of you have realized there's something more. You're both the same age, twenty-four. Your first date is dinner at your favourite restaurant, with the tables situated on a rooftop, under the stars.

    Year 2:
    You go on vacation for your 1st anniversary and choose Brazil, for the beautiful weather and splendid beaches. You enjoy your time there, and come back with temporary tans.

    Year 3:
    James’ little brother, Liam, graduates from high school, you and James attend the ceremony and take hundreds of pictures.

    Year 4:
    You are promoted out of the bullpen of the newspaper you work for! Now, you get your own office…almost. You have to share with another aspiring reporter, who was promoted out of the bullpen with you and is now your partner, Malcolm Bloom, whom you quite often spontaneously exchange wits with.

    Year 5:
    After pestering Malcolm for the year to work up the confidence to propose to his girlfriend, he does, and to your surprise, he doesn’t just invite you and your beau to the wedding, but asks you to be part of the wedding party. Over the year, you grew close to his girlfriend-now-fiancée, Yvonne, and she is quite happy to have you as her bridesmaid, especially if she owes her big day to you. And, just as you have offered advice to the both of them over the year, you get to do it on their day too; they even let you walk down the aisle on James’ arm, which ignites a desire in the both of you to do walk down the aisle for real. Which is why, at the reception, kneeling on one knee and holding the wine glass personalized charm that marked his seat as a make-shift engagement ring, he proposes.
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