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    Me:Carly Jade Harris
    Boyfriend: Nate Thomas Jackson

    We live in San Francisco, California.

    Year 1:
    We've known each other since we were kids. When we were 12 years old, he moved away because his parents had divorced and he went to live with his dad in Nebraska. 2 years ago, we got back in touch with each other. Since then we've been building up a friendship and both of us have realized there's something more. We are both 25. Our first date is a picnic in the park! We ate chocolate, shared some ice cream and nibbled tiny sandwiches.

    Year 2:
    We go on vacation to Portugal. We go to the Madeira Islands, specifically for the fantastic weather and the beautiful beaches.

    Year 3:
    My older cousin,Brianna India Foster is marrying Matt Andrew Taylor!! I am one of her bridesmaids along with my 4 sisters and other cousins.

    Year 4:
    We go on vacation for our 3rd anniversary to Australia!

    Year 5:
    Nate gets a 20% pay raise. He proposes to me while we are having a picnic in the park.
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    Margaux Elizabeth Love and Asa Oliver Holmes;
    The Story

    Prelude:I was born in the countryside of France, with two older sisters, Eugenie and Mathilde. I always dreamed of being a famous author, and I wrote furiously throughout my childhood. Eventually I am accepted into a prestigious university in Britain. He was born in London, with an older sister, Penelope, and three younger brothers, Harry, Miles and August. He and his brothers were always star soccer (or I guess football?) players and he eventually got a nice scholarship to the same school I was accepted into. I am studying for literature, he is playing soccer and studying law.
    Year 1: We eventually meet in our junior year at a soccer game that my friend, Emilia's, boyfriend, Louie, is playing at. Asa is playing on the same team and when they win, we meet on the field. We talk for the rest of the day, at the party afterwards. When Emilia and I have to go back to our dorm, he invites me to the theater for the next Friday. We see "The Great Gatsby" and have a lovely time.
    Year 2:Neither of us get jobs in our fields after graduation, so we take a trip to Seychelles to volunteer for the summer. It's absolutely breathtaking there, the exploring and the discovering. We work in an orphanage and care for the children. When we get back, we find jobs, me as a journalist, him working in a law firm.
    Year 3: Our friends, Emilia and Louie are getting married and we are the maid of honor and best man! It's a beautiful wedding, at Emilia's family estate in the countryside. After the wedding, we decide to finally move in together, our jobs are close enough together.
    Year 4: We are living together in a small apartment just outside of London. We decide to adopt a puppy together, a sweet chihuahua girl named Daisy, after the Great Gatsby.
    Year 5: Settled into our life, we save our money and go on a luxury vacation for our fourth anniversary to Luxembourg. And surprise, Asa proposes at dinner one night on a balcony! The engagement ring looks like . And we choose our wedding rings to look like .
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    Your name and your boyfriend's name:
    Molly Elizabeth Ratliff
    Mark Andrew Mason

    Where do you live? Boston, Massachusetts

    Dice needed:

    Year 1: You start dating (roll dice)
    2 or 6: You meet in college.
    1 or 2: You meet at a party. Whose party is it? Our friends John and Sarah’s
    Three months before he graduated, you confessed your feelings for him. You stayed friends but things weren't the same. A few months later, he started trying to build your friendship back up. You later found out it was because he was in fact interested in you. You're finishing your 3rd year of college so he's a year older than you.

    Your first date is.....(roll the dice)
    4. Picnic at the park (Who packed the lunch? If he did, what did he pack?)
    Mark packed the lunch, it was pasta with pesto, salad and dark chocolate cake

    Year 2: You go on vacation for your 1st anniversary.
    The country you go to:
    Where in that country do you go and why? Cayman Islands

    Year 3: (roll dice)
    4. Roll again. Odd: You get a new car. What car is it?

    Year 4: (roll dice)
    Somebody graduates! Roll again. Odd: A family member (or you or your boyfriend if you haven't yet)
    Who is the graduate? Mark
    What are they graduating from? Northeastern from Law school

    Year 5: (roll dice)
    Surprise! You get pregnant. Roll again Even: Boy. Odd: Girl. The FN is your choice but the middle name honors you or your boyfriend.
    DD: Elinor Cordelia Mason

    This is the year he proposes. When does he propose? Feel free to give details on this.
    If you got a 4 for year 5, he proposes after you tell him you're pregnant.
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    Your name and your boyfriend's name: Jillian Elizabeth Madden & Jeremy William Bolton

    Where do you live? Los Angeles, California

    Year 1: You start dating (roll dice)
    1 or 4: You've known each other since you were kids. When you were 8 years old, he moved away to Seattle because his parents got job offers at a university. 2 years ago, you got back in touch with each other. Since then you've been building up a friendship and both of you have realized there's something more. You're both the same age, how old are you? I am 21, and he is 23.
    Your first date is.....(roll the dice)
    1. Watching the sunset at the beach, we get smoothies at the snack shop.

    Year 2: You go on vacation for your 1st anniversary.
    The country you go to:
    Where in that country do you go and why?
    I go with Jeremy to Uganda for a project studying abroad.

    Year 3: (roll dice)
    1. Somebody gets married! Roll two more times. First roll for who: A cousin(older or younger?) Second roll: Odd: You are just guests at the wedding. What is the name of the person getting married? Who are they marrying? How old are they? Feel free to add more details about the wedding.
    I am Jeremy's date to his older cousin Charlotte Montgomery's wedding. She is 28 (Jeremy is 25 and I am 23 at this point) and she is marrying her long-time boyfriend, Rick Reynolds, who is also 28. Charlotte has the classic church wedding, but it's in the fall and the reception is held at this beautiful oceanside venue.

    Year 4: (roll dice)
    2. You adopt a pet together. Roll again 1 is a bird. 2 is a fish. 3 is a hamster. 4 is a dog. 5 is a cat. 6 is your choice. You choose name and gender of pet. If you don't live together, where does the pet live, with him or you?
    Jeremy convinces me to move in with his at his condo in LA after I graduate. We get fish; two female Japanese fighting fish named Topaz and Sapphire.

    Year 5: (roll dice)
    3. Roll again. Even: Your boyfriend gets a promotion or pay raise, you choose. If a promotion, what's the new job title? If a pay raise, how much of a pay raise was it?
    Jeremy gets a $200 pay raise.

    This is the year he proposes. When does he propose? Feel free to give details on this.
    If you got a 2 for year 5, he proposes during the wedding reception.
    Jeremy's favorite great-uncle, Gilbert Danvers, remarries Stacy, the love of his life. After the reception, Jeremy and I wander out to a brightly lit gazebo on the water (it was in the summer) and Jeremy tells me that these past few years have been the best yet. Then he gets down on one knee, pulls out the ring, and asks me to marry him.

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    Your name and your boyfriend's name: Cornelia "Neely" Belle Green and Quincy James Wright

    Where do you live? New York City, New York

    Year 1: You start dating.
    You meet at work. You both work at a large publishing house as editors. You work as a proofreader in the children's division, while he is a big editor for one of the houses imprints. You've been working there for 15 months when you get stuck in the elevator, just the two of you. You are stuck in there for 3 hours, which gives you plenty of time to get to know each other. After you get out, you continue to talk to each other and eventually you develop feelings for each other. He is 4 years older than you, 29. You are 25.

    Your first date is dinner at his house, a luxury apartment. He cooks a delicious Italian meal.

    Year 2: You go on vacation for your 1st anniversary.
    The country you go to: Latvia
    You visit the Latvian countryside. Your relatives live there and you'd like to introduce them to Quincy.

    Year 3: You adopt a pet together. A little hamster named Alfie. Alfie lives in his apartment, because yours has a no pets rule.

    Year 4: Your boyfriend gets a new car, a brand new Honda Civic.

    Year 5: You take a vacation for your 4th anniversary. You travel to East Timor for a tropical getaway.

    This is the year he proposes. He proposes during a romantic Italian dinner at his apartment, just like your first date!
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