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    Me:Carly Jade Harris
    Boyfriend: Nate Thomas Jackson

    We live in San Francisco, California.

    Year 1:
    We've known each other since we were kids. When we were 12 years old, he moved away because his parents had divorced and he went to live with his dad in Nebraska. 2 years ago, we got back in touch with each other. Since then we've been building up a friendship and both of us have realized there's something more. We are both 25. Our first date is a picnic in the park! We ate chocolate, shared some ice cream and nibbled tiny sandwiches.

    Year 2:
    We go on vacation to Portugal. We go to the Madeira Islands, specifically for the fantastic weather and the beautiful beaches.

    Year 3:
    My older cousin,Brianna India Foster is marrying Matt Andrew Taylor!! I am one of her bridesmaids along with my 4 sisters and other cousins.

    Year 4:
    We go on vacation for our 3rd anniversary to Australia!

    Year 5:
    Nate gets a 20% pay raise. He proposes to me while we are having a picnic in the park.
    Blessed with 2 little rascals:

    My Treacherous Twins

    Sadie Mae and Reagan Louisa

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