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    This is so addicting so I'm doing this again ;_; /nolife

    The Monroe Family

    DH: (b. 1945) [68] Theodore Quentin Monroe
    DW: (b. 1945) [68] Dolores Taylor Monroe {née Hobbs}

    DS: [44] Asher Graham Monroe
    DD: [40] Susannah Camille Monroe
    DS: [38] Ezekiel Carson Monroe
    DD: [32] Leah Noelle Monroe
    DD: [30] Abigail Jemima Monroe

    Ash and his family:

    DH: [44] Asher Graham Monroe
    DW: (b. 1972) [41] Daphne Galilea Monroe {née McDowell}

    DD: [19] Celia Avery Monroe
    DS: [18] Andreas Stefan Monroe
    DS: [16] Dashiell Grayson Monroe
    DS: [15] Dorian Brooks Monroe
    DD: [13] London Avalon Monroe
    DS: [10] Andrew Clinton Monroe
    DS: [9] Adonis Leon Monroe
    DS: [6] Luke Everett Monroe
    DS: [4] Phoenix Scott Monroe
    DD: [1] Rowena Lydia Monroe

    Suzie and her family:

    DH: (b. 1970) [43] Emilio Todd Martinez
    DW: [40] Susannah Camille Martinez {née Monroe}

    DD: [15] Pippa Lily Martinez
    DS: [13] Cullen James Martinez
    DS: [11] Walden Kurt Martinez
    DS: [10] Roman Lucius Martinez
    DS: [6] Beau Oliver Martinez
    DS: [4] Samson Gideon Martinez

    Zeke and his family:

    DH: [38] Ezekiel Carson Monroe
    DW: (b. 1979) [34] Margaret Diane Monroe {née Cox}

    DD: [14] Arria Hazel Monroe
    DD: [11] Lila Nicole Monroe
    DD: [9] Wylie Aurora Monroe
    DD: [9] Conelly Rhea Monroe

    Leah and her family:

    DH: (b. 1988) [25] Elijah Uriel Cook
    DW: [32] Leah Noelle Cook {née Monroe}

    DS: [1] Phineas Justin Cook
    DD: [5 mo.] Violet Zaria Cook

    Abby and her family:

    DH: (b. 1983) [30] Vincent Javen Fitzgerald
    DW: [30] Abigail Jemima Fitzgerald {née Monroe}

    DS: [5] Caspar Preston Fitzgerald
    DS: [3] Otis Nathaniel Fitzgerald
    DS: [2] Dexter Isaac Fitzgerald
    DS: [3 mo.] Sebastian Wyatt Fitzgerald

    The End :3

    Grandparents: Theo & Dolly
    Their children: Ash, Suzie, Zeke, Leah, & Abby
    Their children-in-laws: Daphne, Emilio, Margaret, Eli, & Vince
    Their grandchildren: Celia, Andreas, Dash, Dorian, London, Andy, Adonis, Luke, Phoenix, Rowena, Pippa, Cullen, Walden, Roman, Beau, Sam, Arria, Lila, Wylie, Connie, Fin, Violet, Caspar, Otis, Dex, & Sebastian.
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