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    Jan 2012
    LN: Hayes
    DW: Evelyn Sage (59)
    DH: Wesley Daniel (65)

    DS: Harrison James (32)
    DD: Lydia Rachael (30)
    DS: Caspar Frederick (29)
    DS: Macon Thomas (27)
    DS: Holden Alexander (24)
    DD: Cassia Isabel (23)

    Harrison and his family
    DH: Harrison James Hayes (32)
    --DW: Delaney Isabella Hayes (31)
    -DD: Brycin Sophia (8)
    -DS: Mateo Tyson (5)
    -DD: Piper Eliza (3)

    Lydia and her family
    DW: Lydia Rachael Torres (30)
    --DH: Jeremiah Jadon Torres (34)
    -DD: Viva Katherine (10)
    -DD: Adecyn Charlotte (7)
    -DS: Cyrus Nathaniel (4)
    -DD: Blair Elizabeth (2)
    -DS: Maximus Benjamin (8. months)

    Caspar and his family
    DH: Caspar Frederick Hayes (29)
    --DW: Saskia Branwen Hayes (29)
    -DD: Drew Seraphina (7)
    -DS: Cullen Grady (6)
    -DS: Finn Elliott (4)
    -DS: Theodore Andrew (3)
    -DS: Amos Jasper (1)

    Macon and his family
    DH: Macon Thomas Hayes (27)
    --DW: Anniston Olivia Hayes (29)
    -DS: Jantzen Michael (5)
    -DD: Chloe Abigail (3)
    -DS: Kaidan Jacob (1)

    Holden and his family
    DH: Holden Alexander Hayes (24)
    --DW: Kaylee Noel Hayes (22)
    -DD: Lorelei Willow (5)
    -DD: Emmeline Lacy (4)
    -DD: Guinivere Isla (3)
    -DS: Cornelia Jaylee (2)
    -DD: Lucida Madison (1)

    Cassia and her family
    DW: Cassia Isabel Jones (23)
    --DH: Atticus Isaac Jones (27)
    -DD: Tatum Quinn (4)
    -DS: Leo Killian (3)
    -DS: August Tyler (2)
    -DD: Birdie Harlow (5. months)
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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    DH: Milo Nathaniel Winters [56]
    DW: Serena Lily Winters [55]

    DD#1: Isolde Margaret James (nee Winters) [30]
    --DDH: Thornton Oliver James [33]
    ---DGS/DGD: Jethro Oliver James & Delilah Margaret James [4]
    ---DGD: Cassia Genevieve James [NB]

    Isolde & Thornton: Jethro, Delilah and Cassia James

    DD#2: Merida Lily Burton (nee Winters) [27]
    --DDH: August Gregory Burton [33]
    ---DGS: Jude Nathaniel Burton [7]
    ---DGD: Mabel Lily Burton [4.5]
    ---DGS/DGD: August Gregory Burton II & Piper Isolde Burton (Gregory and Piper) [1]

    Merida & August: Jude, Mabel, Gregory and Piper Burton
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    Felt like doing this again, this time a bit more detailed.

    The Rush Family

    DH: (b. 1949) [64] Logan Wesley Rush
    DW: (b. 1950) [63] Allison Dorothea Rush {née Gibbs}

    DS: [42] Tiberius Prescott Rush
    -- About: Tiber has scruffy, dark brown hair and dark eyes. He's a Scorpio. He's a tall, skinny, handsome guy who's the oldest of his 7 siblings. He's not what you could call a "model sibling", since he can be quite moody and even a bit mean, but he does have a big heart. He's constantly stuck in his own world, daydreaming. When he's not in one of his sluggish phases, he can be a really sweet, caring guy.

    DS: [41] Lincoln Joseph Rush
    -- About: Linc has shaggy dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He's a Cancer. He's a quiet guy who keeps to himself. Unlike Tiber, he's not a daydreamer, and is a nurturer. He loves to care for others and will do anything to cheer them up, so he's not exactly the most honest guy but he definitely is the sweetest. He's undeniably loyal and was a Momma's boy growing up.

    DS: [40] Cyrus Edgar Rush
    -- About: Cyrus has short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He's a Leo. He's a jokester and and has a hard time identifying serious scenarios. He also cares a lot about his appearance, and is constantly primping and making sure he looks his best at all times, and is constantly made fun of for it. Many people admire him for his optimism and enthusiam; he never has a frown on his face and can cheer anyone up.

    DD: [38] Felicia Jennet Rush
    -- About: Felicia has a short, cropped dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She's a Gemini. She's a blunt, beautiful young girl who's constantly on the move. She's always observing things and is curious about almost everything. She's very observant, neat, and logical with a lot of ambition. Once she was older, she began to travel all over the world. She can be hard to befriend since she's always wandering around!

    DD: [35] Evangeline Cassidy Rush
    -- About: Evie has long, blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She's also a Scorpio. Evie can be quite mysterious and no one really knows what she's thinking. She's a introvert and prefers to keep to herself. She loves to read fictional novels and writes poetry. Despite being an introvert, she's also a hopeless romantic and tends to fall in and out of love quickly. Maybe that's why she tends to keep to herself...

    DD: [34] Adela Paris Rush
    -- About: Adela has medium-length brown hair and bright blue eyes. She's also a Gemini. Unlike some of her siblings, Adela is definitely not shy. She's a gorgeous girl who loves to be around people and has many friends. She's very flirty and loves to be in love, so she's never single. She tends to find herself in trouble a lot and during her teen years, she was such a pesky rebel.

    DD: [28] Delilah Alma Rush
    -- About: The baby of the family, Delilah is the only one who inherited her Dad's long light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She's a Sagittarius. Like her eldest sister Felicia, Delilah is all over the place. She loves adventures and was a very hyperactive child. Her imagination is always running wild, and unfortunately doesn't have a very high attention span. Despite her crazy conquets, Delilah is a sweet, fun girl to be around.

    Tiber and his family:

    DH: [42] Tiberius Prescott Rush
    DW: (b. 1973) [40] Georgia Candace Rush {née Pearson}

    DS/DS: [2] Aaron Charles Rush & Austin Micah Rush

    Linc and his family:

    DH: [41] Lincoln Joseph Rush
    DW: (b. 1981) [31] Samantha Meadow Rush {née McDaniel}

    DS: [5] Lennox Adrian Rush
    DS: [4] Kaidan Maximus Rush

    Cyrus and his family:

    DH: [40] Cyrus Edgar Rush
    DW: (b. 1969) [44] Helen Evelyn Rush {née Chambers}

    DD: [12] Aurelia Leslie Rush
    DD: [8] Maeve Annabelle Rush

    Felicia and her family:

    DH: (b. 1975) [38] Shane Jared Castro
    DW: [38] Felicia Jennet Castro {née Rush}

    DD: [15] Lorelei Savannah Castro
    DD: [13] Colette Ryan Castro
    DS: [11] Piers Garrett Castro
    DD: [8] Claire Avalon Castro
    DS: [6] Ezra Leon Castro
    DD: [3] Hannah Audrey Castro

    Evie and her family:

    DH: (b. 1977) [36] Michael Henry Moss
    DW: [35] Evangeline Cassidy Moss {née Rush}

    DS: [7] Anderson James Moss
    DD: [4] Ivy Magadalen Rush

    Adela and her family:

    DH: (b. 1980) [33] Carlo Travis Love
    DW: [34] Adela Paris Love {née Rush}

    DD: [9] Piper Emmeline Love
    DD: [5] Sophia Marie Love
    DD: [1] Katherina Natalie Love

    Delilah and her family:

    DH: (b. 1984) [29] Spencer Mason Flynn
    DW: [28] Delilah Alma Flynn {née Rush}

    DS: [4] Christopher Sawyer Flynn
    DS: [2] Jefferson Rodney Flnn
    DS: [1] Magnus Noel Flynn
    DD: [2 mo.] Snow Anastasia Flynn

    ~The End~!

    Grandparents: Logan & Allison
    Their children: Tiber, Linc, Felicia, Evie, Adela, & Delilah
    Their children-in-law: Georgia, Sammy, Helen,Shane, Michael, Carlo, & Spencer
    Their grandchildren: Aaron, Austin, Lennox, Kaidan, Aurelia, Maeve, Lori, Colette, Piers, Claire, Ezra, Hannah, Andy, Ivy, Piper, Sophie, Katie, Chris, Jeff, Magnus, & Snow
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    LN: Merritt

    DH: Charles George {33} (1905)
    DW: Lillian Ruth {33} (1905)

    DD: Eve Esther {5} (1933)

    LN: Holland

    DH: Joseph Richard {30} (1933)
    DW: Eve Esther {30} (1933)

    DS/DD: Judah Tyler / Edith Victoria {3} (1960)
    DD: Merrigan Eloise {1} (1962)

    LN: Holland

    DH: Judah Tyler {35} (1960)
    DW: Mary Karen {35} (1960)

    DD: Kodiak Annabeth {8}
    DS: Holden River {6}
    DD: Georgia Harper {4}
    DD: Nora Piper {2}
    DS: Sullivan Roman {0}

    LN: Kirk

    DH: Steven Mark {35} (1960)
    DW: Edith Victoria {35} (1960)

    DS: Thomas Theodore {7}
    DD: Poppy Juniper {4}
    DS: Chase Jude {2}

    LN: Bradford

    DH: William Paul {33} (1962)
    DW: Merrigan Eloise {33} (1962)

    DS: Rueben Peter {4}
    DS/DD: Donovan Carter / Emerson Clara {1}

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