View Poll Results: Mattias Flynn or Mattias Cosmo?

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  • Mattias Flynn

    40 81.63%
  • Mattias Cosmo

    9 18.37%
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    Just wanted to say that this forum has been very helpful and that I appreciate the sense of community and the positive vibe. Choosing a name for your child is no easy task, and it's wonderful to get so much supportive and thoughtful feedback. Thanks for the comments and for voting!

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    The pleasure is all ours Alexinca. I must say that I'm FLABBERGASTED that more berries haven't voted for the spectacular
    Mattias Cosmo Callahan!

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    Somewhere along the banks of the mighty Columbia
    I love, love Cosmo!
    Under construction...

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    I have to go with Flynn. I don't know where you live, but I almost feel like Mattias has teasing potential. I grew up with one, he started going by Jake in the 6th grade for this reason. I would give him a simpler middle name to fall back on incase he doesn't like it or it doesn't fit. In my opinion almost no one can pull of Cosmo, and I don't like the flow of it with Mattias. Although I really think if you like one more, go for it.

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    Both are great, but I think I slightly prefer Mattias Flynn.
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
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