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    It's Your Life BNG

    Your name is (1) ________ ________ ________ (first, middle, last), and you’re a twenty-one year old (2) __________ (career). You and your twenty-three year old boyfriend of two years, (3) _________ _________ _________ (first, middle, last), just got some exciting news: you’re pregnant! Both of you are surprised, considering you didn’t plan on children until after you were married, but you’re happy nonetheless. Nine months later, your give birth to a healthy, happy, smiling baby boy. You name him (4) _________ _________ (first, middle), after your husband and father.

    Two years later—your boyfriend is twenty-five, you’re twenty-three and your son is two—you’re boyfriend finally pops the big question: will you marry me? Of course, after screaming yes, you begin to plan the wedding with your mother, (5) _________ _________ (first, middle). After three months of hard planning, the wedding is complete, and another month later, you get married in (6) _________ (place) and honeymoon in (7) __________ (place).

    You return from the honeymoon to find that your son had befriended a local orphaned boy while he was staying at your mother’s house. Unable to tear apart the boys, you decide to adopt the orphan instead. He was only two years old, like your son, and had no name. You give him the name (8) _________ _________ (first, middle), honoring his deceased mother Maxine and deceased father James.

    Four years later—your husband is twenty-nine, you’re twenty-six, and your two sons are six—you get some great news: you’re once again pregnant! During the first ultrasound, you learn it’s going to be twins, so you decide it’s time to move to a bigger house with more room. You choose (9) (link to house) in (10) _________ (place), and soon after, you give birth. Its identical boys, who resemble your father a lot. You name them (11) _________ _________ and __________ __________, both of their names being after your father, (12) __________ _________.

    Only one year later—your husband in thirty, you’re twenty-seven, your first two sons are seven, and your twins are one—you decide that, even though you’ve got four kids, you want another child. Since the house has five boys and only you as the female, you pray for a girl when you learn you’re pregnant two months later. After nine months, you give birth to a little boy. You name him (13) _________ _________, giving him a nature-related first and middle name.

    Three years later—your husband is thirty-three, you’re thirty, your first two sons are ten, your twins are four, and your last son is three—you decide that you want to try one more time for a little girl. You end up pregnant, once again, and after nine months, it ends up being another boy. You name him (14) ________ ________ after your husband.

    Another three years later—your husband is thirty-six, you’re thirty-three, your first two sons are thirteen, your twins are seven, your fifth son is six, and your youngest son is three—and you decide to try only one more time for a girl. You finally have your little girl nine months later! You name her (15) _________ _________, her first name your favorite flower and her middle name a gem you’ve always loved.

    Six years later—your husband is forty-two, you’re thirty-nine, your first two sons are nineteen, your twins are thirteen, your fifth son is twelve, your sixth son is nine, and your daughter is six—you get some really surprising news, your pregnant once again! Since your house is really small—considering nine people are currently living in it—you decide to move again. You stay in the same place, but move to (16) (post a link to a house), a much bigger house than yours.

    After a few months of living in your home, and nine months of pregnancy, you give birth…to a set of triplets. Its two girls and a boy! You name them (17) ________ ________, ________ ________ and _________ _________, each of the names having family significance.

    (18) What are all your children’s names?

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