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    I have been told that many of my favorites sound pretentious, but each of them has a carefully chosen meaning and reason behind them. For me, a name becomes pretentious based on the reason it is used. Like to use a name like Atticus because it sounds literary and cool and makes you 'appear' intelligent despite you hating the names main namesake reference. Using a name for hipster reasons also to me makes it pretentious, like oh that name is so edgy cool and I thought of it first!!! I don't think any name on it's own is pretentious, the intent makes it so.
    I was waiting for Atticus to show up here after everything I've read about it on this site. Thank you for this! It has always upset me for people to say Atticus is pretentious because it looks like you're "trying too hard." I've always loved Atticus because TKAM is one of my favorite books of all time. My father introduced it to me when I was very young because it was his favorite movie. And, in my opinion, Atticus Finch is one of the greatest literary characters I have every come across (I wish there were more people in real life like him). That is why I would use Atticus (actually only as a middle name), and for that reason, things people say about it make me really mad sometimes!
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    The name itself shouldn't be pretentious. It really depends on the reason why it was chosen. The parent could have easily given a name like Apollo or Remington to their child because they loved it (that isn't a pretentious reason), honored someone they love, for attention etc

    We can be so quick to assume, but sometimes there is a story behind a name (obscure, out there, waspy etc) that is quite positive.
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    To me, made up names or creative spellings are like saying, "My child is so unique and wonderful that he needs a name all to himself! He's too good to be named Ethan or James." Regardless of whether or not that's the actual thought process, it's what I think when I hear those names! Pretentious.

    Also, I'm a fan of Atticus, and I absolutely love To Kill A Mockingbird, but I do think it's a pretentious name. It's so affiliated with the novel and many people think of the novel (and those who like it) as very intellectual. Therefore, choosing the name Atticus makes you seem like you want people to think you're super smart. I know, I know! Lots of people don't see it that way, but I do.
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    I might be hated for saying this on nameberry but... Names like Archibald, Percival, and Mortimer sound pretentious. For the girls, Arabella and other overly-long and frilly names.

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    No offence to anyone but I think many nameberry favourites are pretentious. Names like Melisande seem over the top and pretentious I mean why not use Melissa? If you get my drift. However to be perfectly honest I love a lot of these names that people above have declared pretentious like for instance Arabella and Persephone. I also agree with sunshine kid it shouldn't be the name that makes the choices pretentious it's the reason behind the name, like did they choose the name 'North' because it seemed 'cool' and 'hipster' or did you name the child North because it's a family surname for example. I think its the reason behind the choice rather than the actual name in most cases.


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