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    • Actress Beverley Mitchell and her husband Michael Cameron welcomed daughter Kenzie Lynne on March 28.

    • Actor Jeremy Renner welcomed daughter Ava Berlin on March 28 as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidura View Post
    Emily Rose (from Syfy's Haven) and husband Dairek Morgan are expecting a boy in late April.

    I have high hopes for her baby's name. She has a dog named McAllistair, so good taste in names, lol.
    Oh wow! I did not know this!
    Another actress on Syfy (Space in Canada) is expecting. Anna Silk. I don't know any details though.

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    NOWAI! I love Lost Girl. That baby is gonna be purdy, lol.

    Here is Emily's super sweet announcement.

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    I love Elizabeth May and Ellis James for twins. Matching, but not too matchy. Marnie Rose and Ethel Mary are stunning names for sisters in my opinion. And I love how they are a bit old fashioned, but old fashioned names have been lately making a comeback. I also think Rex Rayne sounds pretty cool. As a guy growing up, I think I'd feel pretty cool with an awesome name like this one. Not exactly what I'd name my kid though. Vaunne Sydney is nice too. I like how it's a bit different, and sounds so beautiful when put together. My favorite combo for siblings is probably Steve Madden's children- Jack, Stevie and Goldie. I like the tougher but cute sound of Stevie, and Goldie just seems to be beautiful. Hartley's a bit of a different choice too. Can't wait to see what the Duke & Duchess name the child, and Channing & Jenna are an amazing couple, both very blessed with looks so I'd say that'll be a beautiful baby. Also, Holiday, Wynter and Aurora are gorgeous.
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    Glee star, Heather Morris is 3 months pregnant.

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