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    Would Cordelia be taken seriously where you live?

    I LOVE the name Cordelia and we were going to use it if our last was a girl, but since telling people that when they ask what girls' name we picked out I've noticed that everyone either 1) laughs 2) says 'what's that?' or 3) thinks it's impossibly pretentious I think it's a location thing, I live in the Midwestern US where even my daughters' names (Audrey, Violet, Felicity) stick out a lot. I take that as a good thing (and everyone else seems to too) but with Cordelia it's like it isn't a real name, or like it would be just a cry for attention. Would this be the reaction where you live? And if so would you still use it?
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    I love Cordelia, and I love it for you! Erm, I'm not sure how it'd go over here. I mean, the people I know think Violet's super weird and dumb (why is it dumb? I have no clue. I've asked my sister and mom many times. They just keep saying, "Oh, Violet's a dumb name." I have no clue what that means! lol), so I can only imagine it wouldn't go over very well. Then again, there are some rather posh/hipster areas in the two largest close cities, so I could see it going over very well there--it'd just depend on which circle you go in. I don't really know, haha, half the kids I know and interact with are adorable little inner-city kids who have names like Ayden and Franchesca and Norelys, but there are also very well-off families in my church who have rather posh-ly named children, like Sebastian, Elora, and Clark. I mean, if it really came down to it and I used Cordelia, I'd probably have a good reason for using it, and explain that if I got weird looks. But I think it's gorgeous, and would love to hear it used. Besides, Cordelia "Cora" would be just adorable with Audrey, Violet, and Felicity! (Not to mention Jude, Christian, and Isaac!)
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    I LOVE that name. Seriously, love. It really was an acquired taste, though. I think it would be taken seriously anywhere, it would just have to grow on people a little. Here, everyone's naming their kids Jayden, Brayden, Jaxon, and Sophia. I honestly would use it in a heartbeat. I don't think Cordelia sounds like a cry for attention name, Cloudy-Skies, maybe. haha
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    I know a baby Cordelia. Her parents live in Washington DC, in a fairly conservative neighborhood, and they haven't had any issues with her name. I don't see any reason why Cordelia wouldn't be taken as seriously as Jayden, Kayden, or Brynleigh. It's a legitimate, beautiful name with a fantastic history. Aside from the Shakespeare heroine there's also the fabulous Cordelia Vorkosigan, one of the great badass ladies of science fiction (and baby Cordelia's namesake). Cordelia has a ton of great nicknames, and she's no harder to say than the very common (and entirely serious!) Elizabeth. If I met another little Cordelia I would be thrilled -- and admire her parents' good taste!
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    I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't or shouldn't be taken seriously. Cordelia is a lovely name, and if it comes down to you to bring some class and culture into other people's lives through your daughter's name... so be it. It never hurts to expand someone's horizons a bit.
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