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Thread: Eowyn and Arwen

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    I don't know...I've never read the series so those names just sound a bit strange to me...
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    My name is Éowyn, and though the name is sometimes pesky, I like it. I have to explain sometimes that my parents aren't just geeks; they have degrees in literature and humanities, and delight in all things historical (especially medieval). The neat thing about Éowyn is that it is not simply a made-up name, but is based on Old English and means either "horse friend" or "horse joy" (Tolkien was a linguist, after all). Most people either know it's from Lord of the Rings, or they guess that it's Welsh (close enough!). The silliest response I get is: "but you were already born when the movies came out!" lol. I do also occasionally get called Arwen, for some reason...probably because Peter Jackson played up her part in the movies, where her role in the books was very minimal. I know someone who named a daughter Arwen, she also has another daughter named Elora, and a son named Caspian. lol.

    One of the most annoying things for me are the rare occasions when someone doesn't try to say it correctly and asks if I have a nickname. This has only happened maybe twice. I just tell them not to talk to me if they can't figure out how to say it. :P

    I enjoy names that start with vowels, and I am contemplating naming my own children something unique and probably Celtic in origin. I like Eos (means "Nightengale" in Welsh), I know of an Elora, Aria, and a few other similar names.

    Hope these insights help!

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    Whatever Celtic relations the Elven language may have, Tolkien did also use quite a bit of Finnish in developing the language. (According to one of the books on the creation of LotR. I do not recall which one.)

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    I love both names (though I prefer Eowyn). I know an adult Arwen, and when I first met her, I thought her name was super-cool and haven't seen anyone really have an issue with it. LotR is literature, and it's read in universities. It's no different than naming your kid after the Arthurian legends. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about what people think. There are worse things in the world than being considered "fannish."

    Oh, and my friend grew up to love fantasy and chose part of her child's name from a fantasy novel.
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    I haven't read or watched LOTR's but I think Elowen would be a nice substitution if you are worried about the connection.

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