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Thread: Eowyn and Arwen

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    Exactly. Actually these are among the only non-invented names in Tolkien. As the Elves were somewhat modeled on the Celts and the Rohirrim were definitely overtly modeled on the Saxons, it's not a coincidence.

    A fairly frequent nameberry poster is expecting a little girl any day now, and plans to name her Arwen. Honestly now that we're a few years past the movies I do think the Tolkien connection wont be particularly overt for the general public, as so few have read and remembered the books.
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    From what I've gathered and personally researched, Arwen is actually an Old Welsh name (Arwyn being the masculine form, as with the majority of Welsh names using -Wyn to indicate male, -Wen for female) that predates LotR. With that being said, I still couldn't see people getting past the association to LotR.

    The two are very distinct and heavily tied to the book (I guess movies too :P) to where I think the majority of people would always ask "Are your parents LotR fans?" Which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does raise questions that you should at least consider.

    Perhaps you may like Anwen, Ceridwen, or Eirwen?

    There are so many beautiful Welsh names, if you're at all interested in them feel free to message me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by argenta_genova View Post
    Well, if I met an Eowyn or Arwen, I'd immediately assume her parents were LOTR fans... but that's about it. It's not exactly a connection that would hold a woman back in life or cause any kind of difficulty. The names are quite pretty on their own as well.
    100% agree with this. I love both Arwen and Eowyn. I know neither of them in real life but I'll be happy to meet one.
    If you're still not sure, using them as middle name would be a great option.
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    Thanks, everyone. I think I might consider them as middle names.

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    Personally, I love names that have significant meaning to people. Whether it be family names, historical names, names from literature or poetry and etc. I think it is a great idea.
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