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Thread: Eowyn and Arwen

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    Eowyn and Arwen

    Do you think Eowyn (pronounced AY-oh-win) or Arwen would be usable for children, or are they too strongly associated with the Lord of the Rings? (I'm not considering them for siblings, just individually.) I like LOTR, but I'd be worried the names sound too fannish and little Eowyn or Arwen would grow up to dislike the series.

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    I think they're both pretty tied to it. And you can't throw a rock into a crowd without hitting at least one LOTR fan. lol That said, they're beautiful and have a history of their own, so I wouldn't be hesitant to use either.

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    Well, if I met an Eowyn or Arwen, I'd immediately assume her parents were LOTR fans... but that's about it. It's not exactly a connection that would hold a woman back in life or cause any kind of difficulty. The names are quite pretty on their own as well.
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    While I personally prefer both names as middles (they're both unbelievably stunning), I don't see anything odd about using them as first names either. LOTR is one of the best novels I've ever read, I would be honoured to be named after either Eowyn or Arwen (and I secretly also love Galadriel).
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    I know a toddler Arwen whose mother SWEARS she didn't choose the name because of the series... But wasn't it invented FOR Lord of the Rings? She complains that almost everyone asks her if she's a LOTR fan upon hearing her daughter's name. I'm sure for the kid it will be "did your parents name you for LOTR?" nearly every time she introduces herself.

    So while you may not mind as a parent, the kid is the one who'll have to deal with it the most... So you'd have to be willing to 'inflict' that on a child. Pity, since they're both lovely names.

    These have both been discussed a BUNCH, so if you want to see more opinions a search would provide you with lots of threads to look at.

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