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    My favorite is Sawyer. I also like Wyatt. Not a fan of Brantley or Dallas. Brantley sounds made up to me. Dallas, not to sound mean, always makes me think it would sound good as a stage name or a character name. lol Not sure why, it just does. I picture someone all dressed up in a cowboy theme.
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    We both love all the names just my top 2 are sawyer and wyatt and hers are brantley and dallas. Our son's name is Aiden so his name needs to be considered as well

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    In that case..... still Wyatt.
    Aiden and Wyatt sound handsome together!
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    I think Wyatt would be the best choice with an older sibling named Aiden.
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    I'd go with Sawyer or Dallas.
    I think Sawyer Dallas would be a good combo, or maybe Dallas Oliver
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