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    To be honest to sound truly Hunger Games to me I would include a lot more unlikely botanicals repurposed as names, like Katniss and Rue and Primrose and... etc.

    But there are some cool names here. I will go with the ones I especially like.

    If you don't hate me for it I will also come back with a list of new plant names afterward.

    Noemi - Dark hair, very long. Dark eyes with long lashes.
    Victory - Medium brown hair, wavy. Extremely light icy-blue eyes, the sort that look almost clear, with darker striations.
    Fiona - Fionas are always redheaded in my imaginings, but Fiona does not seem very Hunger Games to me at all.
    Ingrid - Slim, almost pointy looking, hair up in a bun like a ballerina, but harder than you'd expect. No pushover.
    Ursula - Tall, curvy, a bit soft-looking but quite strong underneath that softness. Blue eyes, brown-sugar hair, upturned nose. Looks younger than they are.
    Azure - Good name, like this a lot. Not sure what an Azure looks like though, leaning towards short very black hair with bangs.
    Ruby - This is just a trendy name where I live. So I picture a cute toddler and nothing else. I would probably make a Ruby a main character's grandmother or baby sister rather than the main character themselves.
    Leanne - A fat woman who's fifty with improbably drawn on eyebrows.
    Araceli - Eyes two different colours. Thick hair that's a very dark brown to almost black but with red notes in it.
    Liberty - Hair up in a braided bun with ribbon braided in. Strong looking in a tall lean way, not too blocky.
    Opal - Blue-gray eyes. Very pale skin, blue veins at eyelids and temples. Very china-doll looking. Dark hair.
    Ivy - Golden brown hair lit with red. Gold-green eyes. Muscle definition.
    Astrid - Do you know the sort of hair that is very light but so cold and lacking yellow that it doesn't really read as blond so much as icy greige-taupe? I picture an Araceli in Hunger Games as looking almost desaturated. White skin, greige hair, gray eyes. Beautiful but strange looking.
    Barley - Ha, a plant name and pretty perfect for the setting. Picture reddish hair cut short, a wide generous mouth and a stubborn chin.
    Blythe - Blond, eyes that change colour in the light.
    Fern - Soft curly hair that's long and not too perfectly ringleted. A bit wild-looking. Freckles.
    Amethyst - White skin, dark hair, pale limeade green eyes, small mouth. Looks softer and sweeter than they are, no muscle lines.
    Blaze - Very short hair. Excellent bone-structure. Lean body, no fat anywhere, and no softness.
    Zakia - Short but a bit chesty. Black hair. Huge dark eyes.
    Mara - Copper brown hair.
    Laurel - Ice blond, green eyes.
    Aurora - Small girl, short. Pixie haircut.
    Asha - Black hair, dark eyes, beautiful dark skin. Tall and graceful. Hair might be in long meticulous dreads.
    Bryonie - Bryony would be much nicer spelt this way, and a plant name. I picture tall with light brown hair sun-streaked to blond, and long coltish legs, a very thin girl with long skinny limbs and long skinny nimble fingers.

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    Thanks so much, stripedsocks!
    Giselle Lydia Chiara Darcy Lowri Cleo Nova Fleur Noelle Giovanna Mathilde Flora Susannah Maia Jude David Rueben Theo Raphael Arthur Lance Vinny Marcus James Rowan Henry Christopher

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