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    MN for Willow!?!? Please help :)

    Searching for a sweet down home name to go with Willow. I'm. A simple country boy who likes simple country names like Sarah Beth or Lori Ann...for some reason I cant get the name, Willow, out of my head but I cant think of a good middle name to sell the wife on it. Please for suggestions! I dont mind using Willow as a middle name either...

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    Ooooh, I love Willow! How about:

    Willow Jane
    Willow Ann
    Willow Claire
    Willow Pearl
    Willow Kate
    Willow Beth
    Willow Bess
    Willow Julia

    Good luck! Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for the suggestions

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    I have a friend called Sara Beth (She pronounces her name the same as Sarah). I have Willow Maeve on my list but I don't think that would work with your naming style. I quite like peacelovepurple's suggestions of Willow Claire.

    Willow May
    Willow Anna
    Willow Emme
    Willow Zoe
    Willow Amelia
    Willow Lisa
    Willow Rachel
    Willow Sophia

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