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Thread: Seeley

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    I actually like Seeley. It's in my top 20 for a boy but I won't be able to use it as it sounds awful with my last name (also ending with a strong "ee" sound). And even if other people do think of "Bones", Seeley Booth is such a masculine, interesting character.

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    I think the right person could make this masculine. My problem with it is the sound and that it feels a bit surname-y. Perhaps Sweeney, if you can get over the Sweeney Todd association.
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    I like Seeley a lot. Great character on Bones and I really like the name on its own. I am really tired of so many boy names being dubbed "soft" or "feminine". I say go for it.... he and Sequoia can hang out together (BTW I love the names in your signature!)
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    I never heard of Seeley until Seeley Booth, so the name seems very masculine to me. If I heard it before Bones, maybe I would feel it was less masculine, not sure, I just picture a strong, good looking, FBI agent. A soft sounding name on a boy/man is not a negative to me. Seeley Matthew is handsome. I think Nils and Seeley would be a great sibling set.
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    I like Seeley (I should admit I'm a huge Bones fan). However, I think without that connection, the name might not sound as manly to me. It's cute and quirky, but I can see some teasing potential.
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