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Thread: Seeley

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    I don't like it for a boy or a girl. I'm unfamiliar with Bones so I didn't make that connection.

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    Never watched Bones.

    When I hear Seeley I think of mattresses (Seeley, Serta, Spring-air, Stern & Foster) from that old commercial.

    Maybe Seelen? or Zeelen? or Zealand? would feel more masculine. Then you could use nn Seeley or Zeeley when he's young at least.
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    I sort of like it, but only because of Bones. Whenever I say it I think of Sealy mattresses
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    It sounds like a girly nickname to me (like a short form of Cecilia) but also reminds me of Sealy mattresses... so not a big fan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpeace13 View Post
    This name keeps creeping back into my list. I know right now its bound to BONES (an American crime show for all our overseas Berries)
    Bless! Lol. We get all of your top shows over here Actually watching Bones as we speak

    I'm not personally a fan of Seeley BUT I don't think anyone in twenty years will associate it with the show.

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