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    I don't know anything about norwegian /south european names, but I like Miles Derin the most. Not sure why, it just flows really well I think!

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    I vote for Miles Aksel. Love Miles!

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    I would choose Derin.
    Miles Derin O.
    Miles Arkin or Aksel O. gives your child the initials Mao, which would be something that would deter me from an A mn. However, if that doesn't bother you I'd vote for Aksel or Axel.
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    thank you..

    I just found out that Aksel has a strong hebrew background, I'm not sure if this is really the case..
    if so, it unfortunately has to fall out from being an option, due to its religious reference ;(

    Miles Derin
    Miles Arkin

    still pretty confused, but more close to Arkin as it sounds more proper to me, dont know.

    M.A.O. initials really doesn't bother me, not sure if it would be trouble for my baby in future tho.
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