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    Is Penelope still usable?

    Just wanted to make sure that this name was STILL well liked here on NB? I know some are abandoning it, but It's been a long time favorite of mine. I'm thinking of going with the combo Penelope Charlotte, nn's Nell and Nellie. Love the full name and loooove the nn's Nell and Nellie! Nellie doesn't sound good with my last name, but it's just a nn so it should be ok. Nell and Penelope sound just fine. I like how Nell isn't even in the top 1,000. A popular fn with an underused nn

    I still love the name Eloise too, so it's hard to decide. Eloise Ruby. Nickname Elle and Lu/LuLu. Although I like Lo and Lola too.

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    I think that Penelope is a great name, and Penelope Charlotte is beautiful. I really like the name Penelope, unfortunately we have a relative who already named her daughter that, so it's out on my list!
    Penelope also looks like it will work with your children Robby and Violet.

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    It's getting a bit too popular for me, but I do like it!
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    It feels a bit trendy at the moment thanks to the Kardashians, but it's still a beautiful name so use it if you love it.
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    I love Penelope. I might have a Penelope Josephine Toon someday, nn Penny Jo, or PJ.
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