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    Hubby loves this name but I'm not so sure. Feedback Please!!

    Hubby loves the name Locke (not as a nn for Lachlan) but I'm afraid it's a little too out there. I love the meaning and hubby has a connection to it. I also like that it's not very common. Anyway I'm torn, what do you guys think? And what would you pair it with as far as sibling names?
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    So Locke is a weird name for me. In German Locke means curl, as in a lock of hair. So for me it wouldn't be useable.

    I think it feels a bit mismatched with the rest of your boys names. But I think it could actually work nicely as a middle name.
    Maximus Locke, Alexander Locke, and Sebastian Locke all sound rather handsome.
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    I think it's a bit unusual as a stand alone name but I don't think it will be too strange.. It does make a handsome middle name, like lexiem suggested. Sebestian Locke is a stunning name, and maybe your DH could nickname him Locke?
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    Honestly, I don't like it. It would be kind of cute on a little kid but it wouldn't transition nicley to an adult. I would say use it for a middle name though! (:

    Sib-set ideas:
    Locke & Finn
    Locke & Bryce
    Locke & Knox

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    I have it on my own list as a middle name, but I think it could totally work as a first name. I believe there was a character on Lost who was called Locke, but I think that was the character's last name (because I just Googled it...I've never actually watched the show). I don't see why it wouldn't fit in with all the single-syllable boys' names that have really come into style: Lane, Cael, North, Grey, etc. Word names are in, single-syllable names are in, the the hard "-cke" ending sounds very masculine to me.

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