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    Urgent- Wanted - Middle name for Miles

    hello berries!

    we narrowed down our search for first name to Miles and middle name to Derin and Arkin.
    my hubbys family is norwegian & south european, which is the reason we are looking for an authentic and international middle name.

    which middle name do you like better and why?

    Miles Arkin O.

    Miles Derin O.

    Miles ...

    what is your opinion?

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    Miles Emmanuel
    Miles Xavier
    Miles Francesco
    Miles Robert
    Miles Laurent

    Dislike both Arkin and Derin.

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    is there a particular reason you dislike Arkin or Derin?

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    Arkin and Derin are not very European, and definitely not Norwegian or "south European" (assuming you mean Spain, Italy, Southern France, we don't use that term here). If you want suggestions, I can help, I'm half Norwegian and have lived in Italy and France.

    Of the two I prefer Derin, but I would spell it Darin as that is an actual name.
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    I also don't like either of them..
    Miles Gabriel
    Miles Julian

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