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    Cool Your high school class

    You are an English teacher at a high school in a suburb in the Sun Belt. Your name is:

    The teens in your class:


    1. A girl of English descent with a blonde ponytail and blue eyes, wearing a tank top, blue jeans, flip-flops and a bracelet. She is a trendy who enjoys ordering clothes from Delia*s, visiting the mall and making smoothies. She has her future all planned out: she's going to be a waitress. She has broken up with a long line of ex-boyfriends, but says that with her current boyfriend, she's feeling something she never felt before. She plans every date, all the time with friends, out a week in advance. She likes Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. She cuts herself out of existential despair, reads Sylvia Plath, and keeps the secret from everyone but her boyfriend. Another, more badly kept, secret of hers is that she is a virgin. This girl believes in living a balanced life.

    2. A girl of Italian descent with brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a black top, black pants, beige jacket, boots and ammonite necklace. She is taking junior English even though she is a senior. She is the classic "smart kid who doesn't like school". She does not really apply herself in school, but often she voices an insight that really impresses a teacher. She is lesbian, and is bitter about her inability to find a girlfriend. She claims the students at her high school don't like lesbians. Cynical and world-weary, she is a barista at a coffeeshop. Even though she is generally unweatherable, she becomes deeply distraught when people lie. Her vocabulary and diction are more formal than those of the other students in her class.

    3. A Chinese-American girl in preppy clothes and braces. She has a conventional set of life goals, often stating that she needs to get good grades to she can go to a good college (she has her sights set on Harvard) so she can get a "good" job in a suit that will allow her to make lots of money to raise her family. Except for her math class, all her academic courses are AP. She is honest and can be counted on to keep a secret. This girl is dating a boy her parents don't approve of, and feels repressed by her Asian parents, to please whom she is overachieving so much. Her relaxation consists of putting hair gel, shampoo, body shampoo, etc. on to take a break from her life as a straight-A grind.

    4. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed freckled girl of German descent who is a friend of #1. She is a follower, and will often defer to her friends. She wears sunglasses eighties clothes, such as jellies, and has braces. A bubbly trendy.

    5. A brown-haired, green-eyed freckled girl of Irish descent who is friends with girls #1 and #4. She follows whatever those two friends are doing. She also wears eighties clothes with sunglasses.

    6. A Jewish-American goth with dishevelled brown hair, brown eyes and braces. She sits in the back of the classroom and seldom speaks.

    7. A blonde, brown-eyed girl of German descent who likes pool parties. She is wearing a yellow, polka-dotted sundress today, with flip-flops and sunglasses.

    8. A Chinese-American girl in black T-shirt and jeans, with braces. She is a friend of girl #7.

    9. A Chinese-American girl who wears tie-dye T-shirts, bell-bottoms and Birkenstocks. Although she's straight, she is a member of the Gay/Straight Alliance at her school.

    10. A Korean-American lesbian girl who is wearing a pink sweatshirt with black vest and jeans today.

    11. A girl of Scottish descent, with red hair, hazel eyes and freckles. She wears a zebra-print dress and flip-flops. She also belongs to the Gay/Straight Alliance.

    12. A lesbian girl with brown hair, hazel eyes and freckles. She is the girlfriend of girl #10. Today she is wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt. She is of French descent.

    13. An Arab-American girl wearing green headscarf, green tank top and khakis. She is a stoner, who is confused by your questions and just looks glazed.


    14. A boy of German descent with messy brown hair, blue eyes, freckles and braces. He wears a striped shirt, cargo shorts and flip-flops. He is the devoted boyfriend of girl #1. Idealistic, earnest, socially conscious. He is a major Nirvana fan who believes that one day Kurt Cobain will return to Earth. He enjoys skateboarding, listening to music with his eyes closed, and doing yoga. He lacks confidence in himself, looking up to Kurt Cobain to guide him. Once he has actually seen Mr. Cobain. He is strongly against globalization and Nike, and has a poster in his room that says "GLOBAL BEAST". He introduced his girlfriend to taking part in protests. He volunteers at the animal shelter.

    15. A boy of Mexican descent (born in America) with messy brown hair, brown eyes, a goatee and one earring. She dresses like a skater, and carries his skateboard most places with him. He knows a lot of skateboarding tricks, and sometimes invites boy #14 to the skatepark. He is openly gay, and his father does not improve. Although he is rebellious, leaving home to go to his job at Grove Market after his father grounds him for making out with another boy, he is very sensitive to and hurt by value judgments -- confrontational people telling him his behavior is unacceptable; inside he is as soft as a burnt marshmallow. He likes to draw angsty drawings. He disregards social conventions, spitting in public and talking about lower bodily functions. He smokes weed.

    16. A bipolar Jewish-American boy with long brown hair, hazel eyes always covered with sunglasses, freckles and braces. He wears a turtleneck, a leather jacket, khakis and black shoes. He is bisexual. He plays guitar and songs in a band called Unfresh, which he dubs alternative, and hangs out around girl #2 and boy #15 a lot. Although he got a 780 on his math SAT, he can't stand his career counselor's suggestion that he become an accountant, because he doesn't want to wear a suit. His only goal is to become a rock star, and he discounts conventional careers as dalliances that will leave him unable to focus on making his music great. He is forthright. He believes in conspiracy theories, including that the government is covering up knowledge about extraterrestrial life.

    17. A German-American boy with a blonde crew-cut, blue eyes and braces. He wears a solid polo shirt that is always tucked into his khakis. He is the class' biggest Hitler youth, turning in students who don't have their books covered. He is against drugs, homosexuality, and all of modern counterculture. He won't break laws against pot or underage drinking because he believes the government is there to protect him by making decisions that he is too immature to make. He talks and thinks more like a 40-year-old than like a teen.

    18. An Italian-American boy with long, curly brown hair, blue eyes and freckles, who is a member of Unfresh (boy #16's band). He wears blue jeans, a black pocket tee and sunglasses. He has a spiritual bent, and advertises Unfresh's songs with a spiritual analysis. He operates the keyboard and the synthesizer.

    19. Another Italian-American boy from Unfresh, with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He is Unfresh's drummer. He wears cargo shorts and a plaid flannel shirt and has his tongue pierced. This boy is a music snob who considers No Doubt to be "sell-outs".

    20. A Korean-American boy in khakis, blue T-shirt and sunglasses, who wears braces. He is currently trying out as the bassist in Unfresh. He is eager to participate with his band, but is confused about what to do.

    21. A Persian-American boy with black hair who wears a plaid flannel shirt and shorts. He is shy and self-conscious, and gets annoyed when people ask him if he's read the Persian epic The Shahnameh.

    22. A Vietnamese-American boy with Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts. He screws people over with his pranks and likes to make trouble for people over the telephone.

    23. A Chinese-American stoner boy. He is short, wearing hemp shorts and a hemp T-shirt in a dingy green color. He likes to skateboard. He grows stubble, but being Asian, has a hard time growing a full beard out.

    24. A goth boy of English descent with light brown hair, blue eyes and freckles. He has one eyebrow pierced, and also has a septum ring and a labret ring. All his clothes are black. He is dating girl #6.

    25. A German-American boy with messy brown hair, green eyes and freckles. He plays the bass and is looking for a band to join, but has a hard time keeping up with people to reach on the phone because he's very busy.

    26. A jock of English descent, with straight blonde hair and blue eyes. He loves tearing down Gay/Straight Alliance posters and harassing LGBT students, freshmen, goths and disabled students. He is not very bright. Although his fellow jocks praise his skill on the football field, he is disliked by most of the school -- disliked by the "cool kids" because of his macho, extreme-right-wing views, and disliked by the preppies due to his propensity for beer-guzzling, weed-smoking, premarital sex and general partying.
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